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Brightline set to launch BrightBike in West Palm Beach

Residents and visitors to West Palm Beach, Florida, will soon see Brightline’s sunny yellow bikes sold throughout the city. BrightBike, Brightline’s integrated bike program, was approved by the West Palm Beach Commission at its Nov. 15 meeting. The bicycle sharing service is in partnership with West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, micro-mobility management and related companies.

The program will be a full docking system with BrightBikes powered by pedals located in up to 17 locations with 170 BrightBikes throughout West Palm Beach downtown in the first phase of the launch. BrightBike will be part of Brightline +, Brightline’s new door-to-door service powered by its app and supported by a fleet of Brightline branded vehicles. The new bicycle sharing program will include an experience of planning and booking multi-modal trips that includes train service, local transportation and travel sharing.

“Brightline is excited to add BrightBikes to our fleet of eco-friendly mobility options, making it ever easier to access our station or the many destinations around West Palm,” said Jonathan Hopkins, Vice President of Brightline Mobility. “Together with our great partners, we are expanding access to transportation and encouraging people to live a car-free lifestyle.”

“We are excited to partner with Brightline, affiliates and the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority to bring Brightbike to West Palm Beach,” said West Palm Beach Mayor Keitha. James. “BrightBike will expand the transportation options offered by the city, improve mobility and connect users to other transportation methods. BrightBike will greatly benefit residents and visitors, while adding to the liveliness, safety and sustainability of our city.”

BrightBike will be sponsored by Brightline, affiliates and the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, with Brightline sponsoring. Residents can sign up for unlimited monthly travel memberships for $ 15, and visitors can rent BrightBike by the hour or day. Thanks to the mutual reciprocity program, BrightBike members will enjoy smooth access to Citibike in the Miami area and Citibike members will have access to BrightBike in West Palm Beach.

The bike will feature a rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum chassis with front and rear LED lights and a front basket; Helmets are very encouraged. During the program, electric bicycles will be added and there may be opportunities for additional places at the stations. Founded by two of Citibike’s founders and operators in Miami and Miami Beach, Micromobility Management will operate and maintain the bikeshare system.

“We are excited to bring the BrightBike stock program to West Palm Beach thanks to the generous support of Brightline, affiliates and the West Palm Beach Development Authority downtown,” said Colby Reese, BrightBike operator and president of Micromobility Management LLC. “Improved mobility is a win-win for the city and all its residents and visitors.”

“For Downtown West Palm Beach, BrightBike is the perfect complement to what is a growing package of mobility options,” said Rafael Clemente, director of the Downtown Development Authority. Ours provides not only mobility, but also a fun leisure opportunity for residents and visitors – this is the perfect addition. ”


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