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6 Tips for Low-Stress Thanksgiving Travel — TripIt Blog

Trot Turkey. India stuffing. India carving. Thanksgiving traditions bring us together – and this year, many people will reunite with loved ones they did not get to celebrate with in 2020.

But a return to vacation travel can also be a return to the stress that comes with it. To help, I’ve put together six tips that can reduce the potential stressors associated with hiking during the busy holiday season.

1. Fly on peak days

According to the latest TripIt data, the busiest days for Thanksgiving flights depart will be Friday (14% of departures), Saturday (15%), Tuesday (16%) and Wednesday (17%) before Thanksgiving – making Sunday, Monday , And Thanksgiving itself are the most desirable days to fly if you are looking to avoid the crowds.

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Plan ahead for long security queues at the airport

Recent data from TripIt also show that some airports will be busier than others on Thanksgiving trips. If you are planning to fly to, through or from one of the following airports, you will want to plan your long queues and crowds in advance:

  1. San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  2. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  3. Denver International Airport (DEN)
  4. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
  5. Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
  6. Boston Logan Airport (BOS)
  7. John F. Kennedy International Airport Canadian (JFK)
  8. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
  9. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)
  10. Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

How are you planning ahead, exactly? By enrolling in an expedited screening program, for starters. While some travelers choose TSA PreCheck and others CLEAR, both programs help you navigate your journey faster. As you prepare for the busy travel season during the holidays, you may find that one plan is more suitable than the other, or that its complementary benefits make your life on the road easier.

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Also, once you are on your way to the airport, check your current security waiting times using TripIt Security Wait Times (for select airports) or My TSA app So you know which barrier line is the shortest.

Know how to easily navigate to your gate (and more)

Flying to, through or from an unfamiliar airport? You can use Interactive airport maps To easily navigate from the security checkpoint to your gate, get gate to gate connection instructions, or look for how to get to countless other points of interest.

For example, remove the guess whether you can get a meal (or book, or drink) before your flight or during your stay by searching for restaurants or shops directly on the airport map.

You can also search through interactive maps of the airport to find information on services related to health and safety, as well. For available airports, TripIt Pro users can search interactive maps for the locations of COVID-19 test sites, stores that sell face covers, hand sanitizer stations and personal protective equipment (PPE) machines – all right in the app.

Interactive airport maps are available to TripIt Pro users for more than 105 global airports.

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4. Re-order your rental car

If you rented a car at all during 2021, you probably already know the shortage of rental cars and the price increases that have taken the U.S. by storm this year. And Thanksgiving may not be any different.

According to TripIt data, Thanksgiving car rental bookings have risen by 400% compared to last year.

So, this is your hint to give your car rental provider a friendly check-in call regarding your booking – simple. by any chance. Especially if you rent a car at any of the top ten rental car destinations this Thanksgiving: Phoenix, Orlando, Cahuloi, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Denver, Los Angeles, Tampa, Chicago and San Francisco – respectively.

5. Understand your level of risk before your trip

If you go to an unfamiliar holiday destination, you will better understand potential risk factors for travelers, including those related to your health, as well as those related to political unrest, environmental conditions and more, with TripIt neighborhood safety scores. .

TripIt displays safety scores for a variety of categories in neighborhoods around the world. This information is available in the Neighborhood Safety Scores section at any location on your TripIt itinerary with an address.

To help you make the best decisions for you while hiking, and to better understand the areas in which you travel, you can also set a personal risk level in the neighborhood safety score feature. TripIt will then warn you if you plan to visit an area that exceeds your threshold.

6. There is a game plan in case you get stuck at the airport

Getting stuck at the airport is always annoying, but it’s especially when traveling on holidays. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the amount of time you spend stuck – and act on what is in your control.

  1. Contact the airline. If you are stuck at the airport on a busy vacation, the first thing you need to do is communicate with your airline. Once you hear that your flight is canceled or significantly delayed, immediately line up at the ticket counter to see if they can book you for another flight. Next, call the airline’s customer service number while you are standing in line. You can also consult TripIt Pro’s alternative flight feature to understand your options for boarding another flight. Pro members can search for alternate flights directly at the Pro Center.
  2. Get to know the benefits of your travel credit card. If you booked your flight with a travel credit card, you may be eligible for travel protection benefits. (Hint: it’s time to check again what your ticket provider is offering.) These benefits can help recoup some of the costs you may incur when you’re stuck at the airport.
  3. Look for the nearby lounge. For elite status members, you probably already know where to go. For those flyers with travel credit cards, it’s time to upload the Priority Pass app on your phone (or go to their mobile site) to find a lounge you may already have access to. For those passengers without elite status or Priority Pass memberships, do not worry. You can usually buy a day pass (or even memberships) at the entrance to the lounge.

With these tips, you can better prepare for some of the busiest hiking days of the year – and with a little luck, get to the turkey starting line in time, to the kitchen to carve the turkey, or both.

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