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WMATA to Maintain Reduced Rail Service Through Year End – Rail

The train service forecast for January 2022 will depend on the successful completion of the 7000 series test and rehabilitation program.

Photo: WMATA

The Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority has announced that customers can expect to see current (reduced) train service levels through Dec. 31, according to the agency’s press release.

No timeline has been set for the return of the 7000 Series fleet for safety. In addition, 6000 Series train carriages are waiting for parts due to the challenges of the global supply chain. Metro said cumulative improvements to the service will be made during December, as parts of older model train cars arrive.

“As we get more parts, we will return more of the 6000 Series train carriages to service for our customers during December,” said GM and Metro CEO Paul J. Weedfeld. Help gradually improve service reliability and service frequency. ”

Almost 75% of Metrorail stations have trains arriving at least every 10-12 minutes, as many stations are served by several lines. More frequent service depends on the available carriages that meet safety standards, while Metro continues to test new inspection protocols for the newest 7000 Series carriages, which were shut down in October.

“This is a monumental commitment that is being made on parallel tracks to ensure we have as little downtime as possible between the test and the re-enlistment of the Navy,” Widfeld said. “We intentionally do not set deadlines for good safety and data to drive our decisions, but we are aware that customers want the best service we can provide as soon as we can provide it, and we are committed to building backup in stages.”

Metro typically experiences a lower number of passengers around the holidays and still operates with 70% fewer riders on average weekdays as the area recovers from the plague.

Before the epidemic, congested trains usually carried about 100-120 passengers per car at their busiest points, and today trains are less crowded, with an average of 50-80 passengers per car.

The train service forecast for January 2022 will depend on the successful completion of the 7000 Series test program and the Rehabilitation and Operational Recruitment Plan of the Navy for passenger service. Metro said it expects to update its service plans before the end of the calendar year.

Metro said it is also taking advantage of this time to prepare for the launch of Silver Line’s Phase II service, as testing, manpower training and resources are needed to boost the expected start of passenger service in 2022.



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