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Why You Should Consider Air Freight Right Now and How to Optimize Your Cargo

If you are importing goods now, consider using air freight to protect against the ongoing congestion in the supply chain, shortage of containers and delays in shipping that frequent ocean transportation.

As is well known, shipping prices in the ocean have risen significantly. as per Air Cargo News, The average cost per ocean tank has increased between 300 and 500 percent since the beginning of 2020.

The congestion at the seaport will likely continue until 2022, creating complicated continuation problems for the supply chains and the general economy. Now may be a good time to look again at air freight as an alternative for your company in these turbulent times in the global supply chain.

The Air Charter Service (ACS) claims that aircraft carriers may experience a historically busy peak season. Although charter prices are climbing – more than doubling trans-passive routes – they are starting to look good compared to current ocean fares and may be a viable choice when considering the potential dropout from delays in ocean shipping.

Consider air freight right now to avoid interruptions

The increase in demand for air cargo is compatible with high tariffs in the ocean, limited capacity, shortage of containers and other problems. There is a shortage of chassis, and shipping containers backed by ports, and there is no end to the problem on the horizon. This shortage makes sending products across the ocean a more complex endeavor.

Dynamic load factors – Defined as how close to aircraft capacity when considering volume and cargo weight in significant trade routes – have been relatively high since September 2021. The dynamic load factor in Incheon, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing, Hanoi and Osaka were all over 90 percent in the last week of September. According to Clive Data Services, Dynamic Load Factor Was lower than expected in October, and the capacity was almost flat.

In the IATA September report, “Air cargo volumes were stable at a high level,” which could be a good sign for air freight forwarders because it means demand was not as high as expected and could be a sign that air freight will remain “relatively affordable for shipping containers.”

Air freight carriers are responding to increased demand

Due to the growing demand for air freight, the leading companies are adding more flights to ease the freight loads. The additional flights were in response to a reported increase in the volume of e-commerce packages of over $ 1 billion year-on-year from Asia and Europe.

Air freight carriers were engaged in collecting the excess cargo due to delays in ocean shipping. However, you need to choose a reliable and experienced company that you can trust to ship your luggage.

Other companies rely on air freight to ease bottlenecks in shipments

Problems in the supply chain have left many companies looking for alternatives to shipping and delivery. The use of expedited freight services and air cargo was accelerated during the first half of 2021. It only makes sense that air cargo shipments soared across the country, given the collection of New port fees and continued congestion at ports.

Have you checked the use of air delivery?

Air freight has always been a viable option for many goods. Products that are naturally suitable for air transportation include:

  • Complete
  • Nutritional products
  • Food supplements and medications
  • Medical equipment
  • Glasses
  • electronics
  • Computer chips
  • dressed
  • fashion accessories
  • Luxury items
  • Seasonal items
  • Fast fashion
  • Informative products
  • Lots of light or small items

Weight-to-volume ratios determine the cost of air transportation. When you work with an experienced forwarder and a global logistics company, you can be sure that they will help you with any consideration regarding the use of air freight.

Dedola can help you optimize your air baggage

At Dedola Global Logistics, we help customers of all sizes deliver their goods quickly and efficiently. No matter the size of the company, or the size of the shipment, you will receive the same high level of customer care from us. We help our customers choose the shipping method that makes the most sense for them and ensure an efficient process from start to finish.

How do we make sure your luggage arrives safely and efficiently every time?

  • We have built decades of industry connections that help ensure the best service for you.
  • We offer charter flights for fast, efficient and reliable air transportation services.
  • We have direct and indirect routing strategies for the most efficient delivery.
  • Our team has sophisticated operational expertise so you can be assured of accurate, safe and efficient delivery of your products.
  • We provide the best tracking system available, TrakItPro, To continuously monitor your transportation.

In the routine shipping environment, air freight can be a wise choice to transport your cargo efficiently. At DGL we work to find the best shipping methods for all our customers, regardless of company size or shipping. During the supply chain challenges brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic, it may be air freight.

Contact us today or call (562) 594-8988 for a free consultation or quote!

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