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Weston GO / UPX Station: Platform construction continues, starting November 29

[Metrolinx](http://www.metrolinx.com/) continues the project to upgrade ** Weston GO Station **, as part of the ** GO Expansion Program **.

As of Monday, November 29, [GO Transit](http://www.gotransit.com/) ** Closes the east side of Wharf 2 ** at the station to install yellow tactile safety tiles. GO says, “This safety feature will remind you how backwards to stand on the platform.”

^ * Click to enlarge. * This construction project affects how to get on or off trains. ** Travel from Weston GO station **: + Look for signs with information that will guide you to where you can stand. Remember to spread out along the west side of Wharf 2 to keep everyone safe. + The accessible ramp remains available for those who need to board the accessible coach. + All tunnels and pedestrian lifts remain open during construction. ** Travel towards Weston GO Station **: + Listen to messages on your train as some trains do not open all the doors in Weston. + The accessible ramp is still available for those who need to exit the accessible trainer. + Refer to the boarding guide below before your trip.

Boarding Guide, Weston GO_English.jpg

** Construction does not affect [Union Pearson express]Service (http://www.upexpress.com/)**. UP Express passengers can still get on or off trains at their regular docks. Construction on the east side of Wharf 2 at Weston Station continues “for about two weeks”, i.e. until ** December 18 **. Once the crews have finished working on the east side, they will begin installing the tactile tiles on the west side of the platform.

GO ** Closed the east side of Wharf 2 ** at Weston Station, [starting Tuesday, **May 25**](/archives/weblog/2021/05/08-weston_go_.shtml).

Similarly, GO ** closed the western end of platform 3 ** at the station to install the tiles and signs, [starting Monday, **May 10**](https://transittoronto.ca/archives/weblog/2021/05/08-weston_go_.shtml).

And GO ** Closed part of the northern platform ** (platform 1) at the station, [starting Monday, **April 5**](/archives/weblog/2021/04/03-weston_go_.shtml).

[Since Monday, **June 3**](/archives/weblog/2019/05/31-go_closing.shtml), 2019, GO ** Closed the pick-up and drop-off area ** (or “kiss ‘n’ ride”) and ** 9 parking spaces in the eastern parking lot * * At the station. The closures support an ongoing project to build a new track and platform and other facilities.

Metrolinx and GO plan to accommodate more passengers and increase service [along the Kitchener line](http://www.metrolinx.com/en/greaterregion/projects/kitchener-go-expansion.aspx), as part of their [GO Expansion Program](http://www.metrolinx.com/en/greaterregion/projects/go-expansion.aspx) (formerly “[regional express rail](/archives/weblog/2014/04/17-ontario_go.shtml) “).


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