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Volvo B5LH Bus Models Launched by Knackstop

God Volvo B5LH Cast model will be launched by Knackstop in December 12, 2021..

Knackstop, a retail arm set up by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), sells a collection of souvenirs and souvenirs inspired by public transportation. The Volvo B5LH is the third bus model Casting Casting offered for sale, sold at $ 114.

Earlier bus models sold were MAN A95 and MAN A95 (Euro 6).

Volvo B5LH bus model

LTA has acquired 50 units of Volvo B5LH Buses already in 2017. The section is designed according to these buses, with the Eco Bus advertisement cover as it appears in some of the units.


The molded Volvo B5LH bus model was featured in Knackstop posters “Travel Gifts You Will Love” at various MRT stations in November 2021.

While previous cast models released by Knackstop are on a 1:76 scale, the scale of the models of the Volvo B5LH cast bus model has not yet been released.

The model will likely be released at the official Knackstop online store on e-commerce platforms Shofi & knitted.

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