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Venezuelans, Colombians & Peruvians Lodged Nearly All-Time High Asylum Applications in EU in March 2023

The European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) has said that in the last 12 months, April 2022 to March 2023 – the EU+ countries have received many more asylum applications compared to recent years.

According to EUAA, in March 2023, around 92,000 asylum applications were lodged in the EU+ countries, with more of them from Venezuelans, Colombians, and Peruvians, which accounted for 16 percent of all applications lodged, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Newly released data from EUAA show that the number of asylum applications in the EU+ was up just under a third in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same period last year and up by more than half compared to the same period in 2019 before the Coronavirus pandemic.

More foreigners are seeking protection in the EU+ countries, especially citizens of Venezuela (6,500), citizens of Colombia (6,100), and citizens of Peru (2,200), as well as citizens of Turkey and Russia.

Main Countries of Origin in March 2023

According to figures from EUAA, Syrians (10,000), as well as Afghans (9,500), continued to lodge the highest number of asylum applications in March 2023, with both registering an increase compared to last year. More than half of applications for asylum by Syrians and Afghans were lodged in Germany.

Russians also lodged a high number of asylum applications – 2,300 – but they were more frequently granted international protection.

As for Turks, it has been revealed that they lodged more than twice the number of asylum applications this March than in March 2022 – around 5,900. However, the recognition rate for them declined.

Moreover, it has been explained that the increasing number of asylum applications lodged by Venezuelans, Colombians, and Peruvians in March 2023 was mainly notable, as these nationals can enter the Schengen Area without a visa. Most of the applications from these nationals were lodged in Spain.

32% Increase Year-On-Year on Pending Cases

With the increase in the number of asylum applications, the number of pending cases has increased too.

As of March 2023, there were about 665,000 applications awaiting a decision at first instance, representing a 32 percent increase year-on-year and the highest since early 2017.

“For the most part, the citizenships with the most lodged applications also have the most cases awaiting decisions. For example, in March, Syrians and Afghans had by far the most pending cases (86,000 and 71,000, respectively).” EUAA said.

Moreover, the same noted that pending cases have more than doubled for nationals of Colombia, Peru, Turkey, Russia, and Egypt.

Colombians and Peruvians have the most pending cases in Spain, Turks and Russians have the most pending cases in Germany, and Egyptians have the most pending cases in Italy.

Recognition Rate Fell to 36% in March 2023

In addition to the above-mentioned, EUAA disclosed that the recognition rate in the EU+ countries fell from 41 percent in February 2023 to 36 percent in March 2023.

According to EUAA, this was mainly due to Spain issuing an additional of around 10,000 decisions to applications filed by Venezuelans, which were mostly negative.

On the other hand, as expected, the recognition rate for citizens of Ukraine has remained high, at over 90 percent since the Russian invasion.

As for Turks, it was stressed that the recognition rate fell from 43 percent last year to 28 percent in March 2023.


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