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Ukrainian Students in Norway Can Receive a Scholarship Again for Next Academic Year

The Norwegian government has announced that all those Ukrainian students who were in Norway before the war in Ukraine started would be able to receive a scholarship to live the country in the next academic year. Meanwhile, the scheme for Russian and Belarusian students will not continue.

Through a statement released on June 30, the government emphasized that since the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24, some Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian students in Norway lost access to livelihoods almost overnight, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

In this regard, the government in March created a scholarship scheme for students from these countries for the spring semester of 2022.

According to the government, students eligible for the scholarship from March to August were paid up to NOK 11,500 per month. In addition, PhD students receive up to NOK 21,000 per month.

Secretary of State Oddmund Løkensgard Hoel noted that Ukrainian students could not return to their country because of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“Therefore, we are extending the scholarship scheme for the Ukrainian students who were in Norway before February 24. This means that they can also receive a scholarship for the next academic year,” he also added.

The government also explains that this spring, about 50 Ukrainians, over 70 Russians and one Belarusian student have applied for the scholarship. As for the fall semester, the assessment for Ukrainian students is about the same but is still uncertain.

The scholarship scheme for Ukrainian students who were in Norway before the war started will continue for the academic year 2022/2023 if they cannot finance their living in other ways. This scheme will also apply to exchange students admitted to a full degree. On the other hand, the scheme will not continue for Russian and Belarusian students.

“No exception has been made for subsistence requirements when renewing a student visa for this group. Subsistence must thus be documented when applying for renewal. These are the same rules that apply to students from other countries, ” the statement explains.

Most Russian and Belarusian students have the opportunity to return to their countries. However, if these students feel that they need protection, they can apply for asylum on an individual basis. Then if this is offered to them, they will have the right to support through the Loan Fund.

Moreover, Ukrainian students who came to Norway after the start of the war must apply for temporary collective protection. In this way, they become part of the entry program and can receive support through Lånekassen schemes.

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