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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Truck fleet saves $30K per month with trailer tracking system

Founded in 1990, Paper Transport Inc. (PTI) is a regional carrier based in De Per, Wisconsin, offering rental and dedicated freight, intermodal and logistics services. Today, it employs more than 850 drivers, who collect and transport cargo throughout the Midwest and southern United States.

PTI says one of its main philosophies is to treat those drivers, which includes relieving pain points they may encounter at work. A few years ago, the company realized that one of the main frustrations for drivers was the hassle of searching for empty trailers to attach to their Class 8 trucks.

“Everyone wants to succeed in their job by doing value-added work, and looking for empty trailers does not add value,” said PTI vice president of maintenance, Dan DeFler. Said in a message. “For a driver, searching for a trailer actually costs him time and money …, So it’s important for PTI to help them with the search. “

In 2016, PTI sought help with the distress tracking its trailer Spiraon, Provider from Irvine, California of trackers and sensors that generate live data capture data on vehicles, trailers and other transportation assets. The company has chosen Spireon’s FleetLocate (FL) product, which provides both trailer tracking and cargo sensing capabilities, for deployment on its fleet vehicles. The benefits began to accumulate immediately, as drivers no longer had to worry about whether a particular trailer was empty or not when they arrived to pick it up, the company reports.

Makes sense

PTI has greatly expanded its use of products since those early days. He’s currently using Spireon’s FL 22+ with IntelliScan Sensing technology on 2,400 trailers. The carrier also uses the FL 22+ base model on an additional 800 trailers and plans to add the IntelliScan charge sensor to these units as well.

“IntelliScan allows us to pull pictures and see when a trailer is really empty,” Depler explained in the release. “The surfaces shown, even without a product, are a disturbing use case that we can now adjust. In the end, our drivers want to know if it is charged or empty and where it is. This level of accuracy helps us [determine that]. “

In addition to saving time and increasing efficiency, the system saves the company money, says PTI. Without a tracking system, the business lost more than $ 100 an hour in losing productivity every time a driver showed up in a trailer that was not empty. Spread over time and trucks, these losses once totaled more than $ 30,000 a month, but thanks to tracking sensors, that expense has now disappeared.

Based on these results, PTI plans to make another upgrade to its Spireon systems soon to keep pace with national changes in cellular data networks. While cellular carriers are preparing to replace third-generation (3G) antennas with faster fourth-generation (4G) models, PTI will upgrade its Spire devices to the new standard.



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