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TriMet Reaches New Milestone as Buses Now Run on Cleaner-Burning Renewable Diesel – Zero Emissions

General Manager Sam Zhao Jr. and Sen. Michael Dembrau of Oregon give a thumbs up after refueling a TriMet bus with renewable diesel.

Photo: TriMet

TriMet has announced that all of its buses operating on lines throughout Portland’s tri-district metro area will be powered by renewable diesel. TriMet uses a mixture of 99% renewable diesel and 1% petroleum. The change in fuels will reduce the corresponding carbon dioxide emissions coming from a single bus by almost 99%.

Taking into account the upstream emissions of RM production and supply to TriMet facilities, the move to R99 will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from TriMet’s regular bus fleet by about 61% compared to the biodiesel blend we used.

“Whether you ride a TriMet bus, ride behind it or walk or ride a bike nearby, you will notice a big difference when our buses are now running on renewable burning cleaner diesel,” said Sam Dessau Jr., TriMet GM. “As the largest Oregon consumer of diesel before today, we are not only lowering TriMet’s greenhouse gas emissions, we are leading the state’s transportation industry toward a cleaner air future now.”

TriMet’s transition to a renewable diesel blend combined with its transition to renewable electricity in June 2021. The combined efforts reduced the company’s carbon dioxide emissions by 63% within six months.

TriMet said it expects to avoid emitting 149 million pounds of greenhouse gases annually, which is equivalent to taking 14,693 cars off the road.

“For Oregon to move forward, be a model, and persuade the rest of the nation to join the fight against climate change, we must be serious about reducing our transportation emissions, the largest source of emissions in this country,” Michael Dembro said. “Senator Oregon” To do this, we need more people to use transportation, and we need to make sure that the energy used to power these buses and trains comes from renewable sources. By switching to renewable electricity and renewable and green diesel, TriMet makes a huge difference in stepping us forward. That decision. “

The renewable diesel is chemically identical to oil, but it contains almost no fossilized carbon and functions better in cold air. It is made from 100% renewable and sustainable resources like natural fats, vegetable oils and oils.

TriMet said it plans to add another 24 of these zero buses in fiscal year 2024, which begins in July 2023.



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