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TransLink Customers Will Have Access to Interac Debit in 2022 – New Mobility

Customers will be able to connect to the Vancouver Metro Pass with Interac Debit next year.

Photo: TransLink

TransLink, Interac Corp. And Cubic Transportation Systems have announced that they are working together to integrate Interac Debit into the system to give customers more contactless payment options.

TransLink customers will be able to pay via Interac Debit to Compass readers on any bus or fare throughout the system until the end of 2022.

“The integration of Interac Debit’s non-contact payments into our Vancouver Metro system is another way we make it easier for customers to get to transportation,” said Kevin Quinn, CEO of TransLink. “And it is important that we continue to be innovative in order to make transportation an even more attractive transportation option.”

Tap to Pay allows users to pay via Interac Debit directly to travel without having to purchase a compass card in advance and without having to use a compass vending machine at the station. The addition of Interac Debit will bring more options for TransLink customers.

More than 5,000 Compass readers across the TransLink network will need to be upgraded to ensure debit card compatibility that enables non-contact Interac Debit payments.

TransLink, Interac and Cubic Transportation Systems are working to upgrade readers over the next year.

“Partnering with TransLink to add non-contact Interac Debit payments to the Metro Vancouver tariff reader system is the next big step in providing additional convenience to any public transportation passenger in the area,” said William Clihor, CCO at Interac Corp. “By offering Interac Debit, a means of payment that millions of Canadians already use for everyday purchases, transportation authorities like TransLink give passengers a non-contact digital payment option that can aid in the responsible recovery after COVID-19 of public transportation networks in cities across the country.”

Once integrated, customers will be able to pay Compass readers via Interac Debit, in addition to other payment options already available without contact such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay Wallet.

TransLink reminds customers to tap on their card or smartphone when paying for transportation, not on their wallet, to avoid a card collision while paying.



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