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Friday, August 12, 2022

The Pandemic Fallout That U.S. Mayors Are Worried About

A few months ago, researchers from the University of Boston A survey of the number of mayors He surveyed the leaders of 126 cities in the U.S. and asked them what they were most concerned about. . Fear of mass migration from urban areas.

But researchers have found that there is a disconnect between the topics that often grabbed news headlines and dominated political talking points, and what mayors were really worried about as cities reopened slowly – only to be hit with another wave of Corona cases. According to theirs New report, 52% of the mayors surveyed cited mental health and trauma as one of the two long-term consequences of the epidemic they were most concerned about, and 37% cited the toll on students who had lost more than a year of personal study.

In addition, when asked about how the epidemic has changed their cities, 40% noted changes in mental health and worldviews. “They talked about how communities were still really scared, cautious, emotionally drained, and on the edge,” says Katie Einstein, one of the report’s authors. “Others talked about ways people were polarized in a way they had not been before.”



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