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The Cambie St. Cut And Cover Redux – Now Appearing On Broadway : Rail for the Valley

Some businesses on the Broadway axis b Vancouver They are said to be frustrated because construction on the extension of the subway line is preventing customers from accessing their doorstep.

Parts of its bustling hallway, sidewalks and parking booths have been blocked for months to accommodate work on Broadway Subway Project, It was a 5.7-mile extension of the Millennium Line.

“No stopping, no parking … I got out of business just because it was impossible to get to them.”

Construction has begun On the $ 2.38 billion project in May and the new line is not expected to open until 2025.

At the end, it will include an elevated 700 feet from VCC-Clark station to a tunnel portal near the Great Northern Way, and five miles in a tunnel under the Broadway corridor from the Great Northern Way to Arbutos Street.

Six subway stations will connect localities to the area, including a connection to the Canada line on Camby Street.

The project, however, has affected the bottom line for some businesses, who now fear they will not survive to see the extension work.

“Unless their ultimate goal is to just drive us off the street right away, I hope they want to look for solutions that will allow us to be here until this project is over, because 2025 is very far away,” said Katherine Elsmir, co-owner of Odin Books, a mental health bookstore On Broadway.

The foot traffic to her store has actually stopped, she told World News, and Elsmir is pinning her hopes on online sales and pre-orders.

However, stopping along parts of it is prohibited until July 28, 2023, according to signs posted in certain parts of the street.

“We’re a mental health bookstore, right? People come here because they have anxiety and if we do it so stressful and so anxious to get here, it defeats the purpose,” she said.

The BC Department of Transportation said it could not respond to a response request on Tuesday.

Transport Minister Rob Fleming did so It has been said before “Very extensive consultations” were held with businesses along Broadway ahead of the project, but the street will remain open throughout construction.

Earlier this week, the Raven Crow’s beer house on Broadway Close its doors forever, Citing a shortage of supply and manpower, and construction from the Broadway subway project as contributing factors.

“It really has been an obstacle to business in recent months,” then-marketing officer Jessica Langer said. “We noticed that the traffic was depleted. We talked to the neighbors of our restaurant and they also stated that they were struggling quite a bit.”

Portside Interiors, a furniture store, opened on Broadway in 2021, and owner Gene Gindon said they know about the challenges that will come with the project.


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