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TfW and CitySwift pilot to optimise buses

The partners are embarking on an artificial intelligence-driven bus strategy to streamline public transport services in Wales through data and machine learning.

From left to right: Marina Donoho, UK and Northern Europe Director at Enterprise Ireland, Wales Transportation Director James Price, Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford, Irish Taoiseach Michael Martin and CitySwift COO Alan Farley.

Transport for Wales and CitySwift announced last week that they are working together on a pilot program to optimize public transport services in Wales, using data and machine learning. The program aims to provide efficiency and improve service levels throughout the country’s bus network.

“Our partnership with CitySwift will allow Welsh bus operators to use modern artificial intelligence technology to collect data, understand new travel patterns and make more informed data-driven decisions,” explained Transport for Wales CEO James Price. “This pilot program will help us improve The bus services for Wales residents and will help us encourage people to make this transition from using private cars to sustainable public transport which is the key to tackling climate change. “

The pilot program with data experts from Galway, CitySwift, was announced during the summit of the 36th British-Irish Council last week in Cardiff. Price and CitySwift’s VP Alan Farley were among those at the event, which was also attended by Irish Taoist Michal Martin, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, government ministers and business leaders.

The event included a meeting hosted by Enterprise Ireland that celebrated Ireland’s contribution to Wales’ sustainable recovery and economic well-being, focusing on Irish companies that have a positive impact on the lives of Welsh citizens. The partnership for Transport for Wales and CitySwift was cited as an example.

Drakeford said: “Improving our public transport system is a vital part of our work to reduce emissions and reduce our impact on climate change. The Welsh Government’s target is for 45% of travel to be carried out in sustainable ways by 2040. It’s great to see technology and data used to develop efficiency and growth In this sector. “

The partnership with TfW will demonstrate CitySwift’s ability to provide effective strategies for transport authorities – as it has already done with major UK transport operators, including National Express and Go-Ahead Group.

CitySwift CEO Brian O’Rourke responded: “Transportation for Wales is taking a positive step by adopting data and artificial intelligence in a smart and innovative way to improve travel times, reliability and improve the passenger experience on board.

“As new mobility patterns emerge, due to the epidemic and the need to reduce carbon emissions, there is much to learn from the big data on changing trends and how best to plan and design bus services for the future. Our data-driven planning technology will help ensure Transport for Wales can deliver “Sustainable and provide the highest quality, safest and most reliable travel for the Welsh public. We hope other public transport authorities will follow suit.”

This article appears in the latest issue of Passenger transport.

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