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Staying Connected for the Holidays


The magical moments of the holidays are truly tremendous. The mood clears and the sparkle in the eyes of our loved ones never goes unnoticed when we celebrate together. Therefore, they are the time of year when everyone longs to be home with their family.

With traditional foods in abundance, love and cheerfulness in the air, this is the last thing anyone will want to miss. But sometimes things do not go as planned. With medical conditions and distance as a barrier, you may find yourself or your loved one celebrating alone.

Fortunately, we have some ingenious ways to stay connected to the holidays just for you. Let’s look at them:

Video chat

Connect with your loved one via video chat on this holiday if the distance is proven to be a greater barrier. With the option of free services on some video chat platforms, a subscription should not be a problem. Therefore, you can both join Google Hangouts, FaceTime or Skype for clear communication. And if you are a group of people who are far apart, they can also support several people at once.

Keeping in touch with a medical shuttle service

Do you have a loved one at a distance from each other because of medical conditions or age-related challenges? Well, you can take advantage of the medical shuttle services to bring them home safely. A holiday is just whole and the best ever when everyone is there. But it’s worse and more destructive when one of you celebrates alone.

But through this service, you can get anyone home if he is disabled or disabled for various reasons. Through their expertise and transportation networks, your loved one will be safe at home in no time.

Private photo sharing

Photos are best for sharing memories if you are distant from each other and can not meet. But to ensure that these images do not get into the wrong hands, you need to avoid social media platforms. In this case, try apps that support private photo sharing. And that includes things like the Karoo and Lifecake.

Share communication gifts

Sometimes gathering in a common place for a vacation is a far-fetched idea. Although communication remains the only means of communication, it can be disturbing. So, this holiday season, if you’re wondering what to give, consider a communication device.

It could be a tablet or laptop that will facilitate face-to-face communication. And through this device, you can stay connected more intimately than using a mobile device. And if you send it to Grandma, make sure it’s easy to use and set up.

Keep the tradition alive

Do you have a special recipe for a grandmother in the family? Well, take advantage of this time separately to share it. This is the best way to connect while maintaining tradition. With the few family members available, you can join hands and work together on the recipe.

If possible, you can create a new recipe together and share it with other distant friends. And for those who can access services like USPS, you can share well-prepared prepared food.


These tips for staying connected for the holidays are a total solution regardless of where you are. However, if you are somewhere in Florida or 150 miles from this point, call Stellar Transport. They will help you or any of your family members who need non-emergency medical transportation to get home for the holidays.

With multiple transportation options that include air travel, they will help you get home to celebrate holidays with your family. Contact Stellar Transport for more information on their services and make sure no one stays out this holiday season.


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