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Friday, August 12, 2022

SLO Transit wins an innovation award

The San Luis Obispo Public Transportation System recently received the Innovation Award from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

SLO Transit received this award because of its recent work with Bishop Pick Technology who installed responsive smart lighting on city buses. Smart lighting works to better communicate with passengers who have visual, auditory, cognitive or selective-cognitive impairments.

The system works by assigning colors to the LED lights for the smart lighting of the buses. The colors are coordinated with specific transport routes, it helps passengers with disabilities to navigate the bus system.

SLO Transit is the first public transportation system in the world to introduce smart responsive lighting to its vehicles. SLO Transit was also one of three transportation organizations residing in North America to win an innovation award from APTA.

According to the APTA website, the Innovation Award is given to those who “demonstrated innovative concepts or effective problem-solving techniques not previously implemented in the public transportation industry.”

Smart light technology is also used to signal other messages related to the passenger bus. The lights will alert riders when a stop is requested, bus doors open or close and when wheelchair ramps open.

These additions are part of the larger list of the city’s major city destinations.

The SLO City website lists its vision statement as “a dynamic community that embraces its future while honoring its past with the core values ​​of civic, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, regionalism, partnership and resilience.”

The municipality is also outlining theirs Key urban goals, Which form part of the city’s financial plan 2021-23. These goals are divided into four categories: economic recovery, resilience and fiscal sustainability, housing and the homeless, climate activity and sustainable transportation, and diversity, equality and inclusion.


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