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Skills selects TruTac for compliance

The Nottingham-based Skills Group says it has reduced driver violations and improved staff working time control since the move to TruTac’s tachograph analysis and human resources management software.

TruTac’s CPT Tacho Analysis and TruTime are web-based software products that manage tachograph analysis and work time for drivers and employees. The CPT (Passenger Transport Confederation) worked closely with TruTac to develop the specific CPT Tacho Analysis software, based on the PSV 375 rules system.

According to Skills, CPT Tacho Analysis has made tachograph management, driver research and compliance reporting faster, more accurate and easier to control. In addition, with fully automated email reporting, the company said it can manage drivers ‘hours and drivers’ investigations more efficiently.

“Since our drivers started using the TruTac app,” said group compliance director Paul Harper, “they’ve been able to shake off violations because they can clearly see their driving records, plus we have no backlog at the end of the month. Also, the ability to conduct investigations for drivers electronically And with remote data downloads, we went paperless, which helped a lot during the epidemic. Digital tachographs or smart cards of employees – while providing a “clock” versus tacho start and end times.

TruTac explained that the system was designed to allow fleet operators and human resources departments to manage and monitor all of their drivers and manpower activities in one place. Functions include detailed opening and transportation reports, driver cost-per-click hours management, holiday requests and clock facilities for remote workers. A watch can also be made using the app, which is also geographically located for precise location control.

Paul added: “In addition to ensuring that all driver hours comply with WTD regulations, TruTime reduces management skills while capturing manual tasks, managing holidays, performing censuses, repairing a clock and providing complete audit information if the clock is repaired. This is a huge benefit to day-to-day business operations.” .

“Even our engineers and cleaners use it,” he continued. “Most staff routinely use their DJ or watch cards without thinking about it, because the system is non-invasive and so easy to use. It closely monitors WTD (Working Time Directive) instructions and makes sure they do not exceed the allowed 15-minute break. TruTac software Doing all the donkey work. It’s intuitive, time-saving and helps us keep the bargain. “

Skills was founded in 1919 and is currently managed by the brothers Nigel Skyle, the group’s chairman, and Simon Skyle, CFO, alongside Pete Halm, Chief Operating Officer. TRUTAC


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