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Shop the Line this holiday season

We know that small businesses have been hit hard by the plague, so it is more important than ever this holiday season to do local shopping and support the economic recovery of our area. It’s time to buy the line.

At TransLink, we’ve made it super easy for you to shop locally without the hassle of searching for a parking lot and stuck in a traffic jam.

This holiday season, let us do the driving and you can just take the magic that comes with surfing for the perfect gift. Slowly sipping eggs while strolling through ornate local shops with Michael Bobbell tunes playing in the background.

We invite you to Shop the Line! Check out ours Interactive map To find local businesses and shopping malls in the public transport network.

You’ll find shops like Gastown’s Cappelleria Bertacchi Italian Hatcrafter, where owner Lucia Vuillermin welcomes visitors to their little corner of Tuscany in Vancouver.

“This holiday season,” says Weilermin, “use the transition to come and discover our passion for precious materials, old techniques passed down from generation to generation, and unique creations.”

As you do so, beware of our TransLink street crews who will be on site in shopping districts and malls and will be handing out surprising gift cards and Compass Card Day cards to help spread the joy of the holiday.

And if you’re looking for that special transportation enthusiast in your life, stop by the TransLink Store pop-up event located in the stadium – Chinatown Station from December 2nd to 4th from 12:00 to 19:00 to find the perfect gift.

TransLink Pop-up StoreIf this is not a sufficient reason, recent weather-related events have shown us, parking your car in favor of more sustainable modes of transportation, such as transportation, is a great way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change. Not to mention, with supply chain disruptions, retailers are warning of supply delays. Therefore, a personalized outing is also a good way to make sure you do all your shopping on time.

This season, let’s celebrate family and friends and all the amazing businesses that make the Vancouver area such a special place that can be called home. This season, let’s all go shopping!


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