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Santa Monica Wants Your Thoughts About Making Ocean Avenue More Welcoming

Listen: Santa Monica Wants Your Thoughts on Making Ocean Avenue More Acceptable

Epidemic restrictions are hurting Santa Monica tourism, but people are still flocking to its outer spaces. On Saturday, the municipality will ask the public to consider ideas to make one of its most beautiful streets even more welcoming.

Here’s the challenge: Santa Monica’s Palisades Park, on the shoreline of Ocean Avenue, features expansive lawns, flower gardens and popular winding trails overlooking the ocean. The street has a new two-way bike path.

But the city is looking for feedback on its ideas on how to make both sides of Ocean Avenue more visitor-friendly.

To get feedback on it Ocean Avenue Project, The city hosts an art installation and pop-up space at Palisades Park on Saturday north of the pier between Broadway and Colorado Ave, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., which features several huge wooden blocks to play on.

The blocks could swing back and forth, or fit together like a cube, or fall apart, said City Superintendent of Cultural Affairs Alison Ostrovsky. She calls them furniture.

“Children and adults alike will find the furniture very convincing and you just want to sit on it or try it or stack it together, play with it.”

Large wooden blocks are part of the playground at Palisades Park on Saturday, December 4th.

(Here’s LA


Courtesy of the City of Santa Monica)

Visitors to the gaming space can point to the street landscape designs they prefer by throwing colored powder balls (inspired by a practice during the Spring Festival of India known as Holly) of their choice.

All this takes place against the background of an art installation that came up this week and remains in place until January. It’s a series of transparent letters mounted above the park’s bluff wall, spelling “We’re a drop, we’re the ocean.”

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