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Preview of December 2, 2021, meeting of Metro Board of Directors

Download PDF of the agenda here along with links to Metro Employee Reports.

This is Metro’s final board meeting for 2021, and will begin at 10 a.m. on Thursday, December 2nd. As it has been since the epidemic began last year, the meeting will be held virtually. Link to A live broadcast of the meeting will appear here Shortly before the meeting begins.

For those who wish to enter into a public testimony during the meeting, here are the instructions in English and Spanish:


A live public comment can only be given over the phone.

Board meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time December 2, 2021; You can join the conversation 5 minutes before the start of the meeting.

Dial: 888-251-2949 and enter English access code: 8231160 # Spanish access code: 4544724 #

Public comments will be accepted when the council addresses any issue. To give a public comment on an item, enter # 2 (Pound-2) when prompted. Note that the live video update is about 30 seconds behind the actual session. There is no delay in the dial line for public comments.


Instructions for live public comments:

Live public comments can only be given over the phone.

The board meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, December 2, 2021. You can join the call 5 minutes before the meeting begins.

Dial: 888-251-2949 and enter the code English access code: 8231160 # Spanish access code: 4544724 #

Public comments will be received when each topic is taken. To give a public comment on a topic, enter # 2 (pound plus two key) when prompted. Note that the live video update is delayed by about 30 seconds from the actual session. There is no delay in the telephone access line for public comments.

The following is a look at some of the more noteworthy items the council will consider:

• The council will consider the Metro staff’s recommendations on the agency’s current law enforcement contracts with the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the Long Beach Police Department to tour the Metro system.

The current five-year contract runs until June 2022. The Agency’s Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) – which began convening earlier this year and is made up of citizens – is now reviewing law enforcement in the system and offering its own recommendations. Scroll to Documents in PSAC Web Page See minutes of PSAC meetings.

The recommendations of the metro staff to the council are:

  1. Seeks changes in the scope of work (Appendix D) to align with the move towards a re-imagining of public safety;
  2. Authorization of up to $ 75.2 million for the remaining six months of the original contract including the scope of the changes;
  3. Contract extension for an additional six months (July to December 2022) with a 6-month option (January to June 2023) to allow PSAC recommendations to come to support the new procurement and timeline and contract grant;
  4. Funds for extension will be requested during the FY23 budget process.

An amendment to this section of the Board of Directors calls on Metro to contact only law enforcement agencies that require their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Here is the team report.

The council will also consider a new public safety mission statement and values ​​developed by the PSAC in consultation with the Metro staff:

• In direct connection with the above items, the Council will do so Consider an offer Asks Metro employees to take the following actions:

  1. In February 2022, the status of the initiatives funded by Proposal 26.2 (March 2021) was reported, including expected launch dates, program components, inputs received from PSAC and the projected funding needs in FY23.
  2. During the development of the FY23 budget, they secured an ongoing minimum commitment of $ 40 million for the public safety alternatives outlined in Proposition 26.2, in addition to the transfer of funding that has not yet been withdrawn from FY22.
  3. In April 2022, a report was reported to the Operations, Safety and Customer Experience Committee with a recommended public safety budget for FY23, including proposed funding levels for police services and public safety alternatives, taking into account the Council’s guidance on realignment of resources.
  4. Consult PSAC throughout the FY23 budget development process.

We request that the board of directors instruct the CEO:

Develop a place-based implementation strategy that identifies the locations of the best candidate stations for the re-imagined public safety approach experiment in accordance with the new mission statement and values, including deploying some or all of the identified public safety alternatives. In proposal 26.2 And changing the deployment of law enforcement in these pilot locations while continuing to ensure rapid response times for emergencies.

• The council will consider a Metro team funding plan to receive and submit for the West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor project to address the funding gap between Measure M funding and updated project cost estimates based on project planning at 15%. The funding plan describes the application for funding for the Federal New Starts, looking for additional state grants and possible use of available local funds. Team report

• The council will consider approving $ 5 million in funding for 13 open and slow street events by December 2023 – these are events that provide walking and cycling opportunities. here is the Team report and List of events Be funded. The council will also consider movement Add up to $ 2 million to this funding cycle.

• The council will consider changes to the agency’s code of conduct for riders in the transportation system. This paragraph from the Metro staff report best explains this:

The effect of this change will create a new drug [for] Leaning on a seat, placing objects on it or blocking a seat, and (G) occupying more than one seat in the form of a warning, conditional removal of the reference location and / or other medication such as a safe bed, bath and breakfast. , Instead of just unsafe emissions to nowhere. Subsection (e) to prevent door closing shall remain as a warning or emission. Security and enforcement personnel will be able to give warnings for all of these sub-clauses with a new medication in the schedule that treats violations by alternative means.

• The council will consider approving the final environmental impact report for the Antelope Valley Line Service and Capacity Improvement Project, which will make rail improvements that will allow MetroLink trains to travel every 30 minutes between downtown Los Angeles and Santa Clarita and MetroLink trains every 60 minutes to Lancaster. The overall project consists of four smaller projects: a double Balboa expansion, an expansion mall expansion, improvements to the Lancaster terminal and the dual route from Brighton to McGinley. Team report And FEIR

• The board will consider establishing a budget of $ 156.4 million for a project to build a bridge for the BNSF freight lines at the intersection of Rosecrans and Markwand in the city of Santa Fe Springs. About 130 Amtrak, Metrolink and Freight trains pass through the current track at street level each day – and this will be a significant improvement in safety and traffic. Team report.

• The board will consider a proposal that asks Metro employees to develop an action plan to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of the Metro Bike Share system. movement

• Both Metro Council Chairman and District Superintendent Hilda Solis and Metro Director General Stephanie N. Wiggins will deliver their regular monthly reports.


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