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Port of Long Beach 2023 Improvements

The speed of global commerce is only increasing thanks to new customer demands and advancements in shipping and warehousing technology. To stay ahead of the curve, port systems need to strengthen strategic partnerships and stay up to date on the latest hardware and software available.

The Port of Long Beach, one of the largest intermodal transit centers on the west coast of the United States, is introducing a new upgrade partnership with International Transportation Service (ITS) to enhance efficiency at the port. This most recent upgrade is one part of a larger project to ensure the port can meet current and future demand for moving cargo through Long Beach.

Following the new railways introduced last year, this latest update includes an 8,000 foot track that allows ITS and three other terminals to handle arriving and departing trains. Not only does this improvement streamline drayage in Port of Long Beach terminals, as well as intermodal transportation operations from the port, it also helps to reduce truck congestion and emissions by shifting more cargo to rail. Let’s get into the details.

What does the Pier G wharf improvements plan entail?

The Pier G Wharf Improvements Project is one of the major upgrades being made to the ITS-operated container terminal. Operating at the Port for over 50 years, this 260-acre container terminal received a $55 million infusion of investment capital funded by the port to extend Berth G236 by 246 feet, with new rock dikes, improved mooring infrastructure at G232 and G236, and land improvements that feature two acres of backlands to improve storage capacity.

How much do these improvements increase shipping capacity? This wharf now allows for up to 16k TEU vessels, up from 11k TEU vessels. That translates to an increase in cargo with fewer ships that need to enter the port.

“With the opening of the Berth G236 extension at ITS, we are able to offer ocean carriers new berthing capability for ships carrying up to 16,000 TEUs,” said ITS CEO Kim Holtermand.

Bringing on more ship-to-shore cranes and rubber-tired gantry cranes will further improve port-side infrastructure. Other future updates include new drainage systems, lighting, fencing, and signage to enhance overall efficiency and safety.

The big picture for the Port of Long Beach

This exciting Port of Long Beach news is only the beginning of a series of continued improvements to port operations. Soon, higher-volume ships can be unloaded at the port, which will help boost traffic. It will also reduce the number of ships that need to come into port, while generating the same cargo volume. This will reduce total emissions.

Other improvements this year at Pier G will be implemented later in the year, when ITS increases capacity for refrigerated containers, and starts a double-track project that will increase efficiency. All this is happening while the port strives to achieve lofty zero-emissions targets set by the Governor.

In addition, a new project labor agreement PLA covers construction projects valued at $5 million or more, and sets hiring goals for skilled workers from LA and Orange counties.

Be ready, no matter how the port changes

The ports in Southern California are going to constantly be growing in the coming years, as new needs come up and new projects are taken on.

Some other regional projects in the works include:

Your partner at the Port of LA and Long Beach, Globecon stays on top of what’s coming to ensure clients can make the most of these upgrades as soon as possible – so you can focus on what matters the most to your business.

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