In a move titled “Inconsistent with Government Delegation Agenda”, transportation to the north will no longer be paid for the development of East-West links

Ministers removed funding and powers from transport to the north after canceling the government’s combined train program to the north and the Midlands as “unfortunately inadequate”.

TfN was established in 2015 to advise the Government on the transport needs of the North of England. However, on the day of the IRP announcement, it was reported that a senior official from the Department of Transportation had written to TfN CEO Martin Togwell, saying he would stop paying the statutory body to develop the Northern Powerhouse Rail project.

This change came after TfN issued a statement criticizing the IRP. Louise Gittins, interim chairman of TfN, said: “Leaders from across the north and from all party political divisions have banded together to ask for a network that will upgrade the north to this century and to the rest of the country. “Our statutory advice asked for a net of more than £ 40 billion, but the government has decided to provide even less than half of that.”

Gittens continued: “If we really want to rise to the level of the state we do not need words and promises. We need commitment.”

It’s surprising and looks a little vindictive. The government, whether local or national, should be able to express its views honestly

In response to the loss of TfN powers, former Transport Minister Norman Baker said Passenger transport: “It’s surprising and looks a bit vindictive. The government, whether local or national, should be able to express its views honestly. This decision is inconsistent with the government’s delegation agenda and ultimately unhelpful. We need all parties to work together in a way Builds for common goals in most cases. “

This article appears in the latest issue of Passenger transport.

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