General ticket machines at the MRT station. (Photo: SGTrains file)

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced on August 6, 2021 that it has reduced the minimum cash charge amount for value cards stored to two dollars.

It comes with the announcement of a halt to the sale of standard train tickets from 2022 onwards.

Reduced minimum cash surcharge amount

To ensure that more passengers can easily use their stored value cards, LTA has reduced the minimum charge on ticketing machines to two dollars.

Minimum original charge Minimum new charge
adult [1] $ 10.00 $ 2.00
student [2] $ 5.00 $ 2.00

He added that this change would allow passengers who have limited cash on hand to ‘recharge their stored value cards to continue their journey and enjoy cost savings through the use of these cards.’

Free EZ-Link Cards for Comcare Recipients

Since September 2021, ComCare recipients who do not own a franchise card will receive a notice to collect a free EZ-Link card for adults.

The free EZ-Link card for adults can be redeemed at any TransitLink ticket office or franchise card exchange office within three months of the letter date.

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– Refers to the value cards stored for adults (without franchise)
– Refers to value cards stored in the student franchise

Top image from SGTrains file.