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Military Appreciation Month: Celebrating Kenco’s H.E.R.O.E.S.

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we at Kenco are highlighting our veterans ‘contributions and putting a spotlight on our veterans’ employee resource group, HEROES

Veterans provide immense value to the industries they serve post-service, and logistics is no exception. As a high-demand, high-stress industry, logistics is well suited for the veteran skill set. We’re witnessing timelines get tighter as customer expectation rises, so companies need employees that are quick on their feet, accustomed to fast-paced environments, and adaptable to change.

Many of the skills developed in the military are extremely relevant and transferable to logistics roles. Duties while in the service often include setting up processes, managing and training staff, overseeing inventory and ordering supplies, as well as meeting stringent deadlines and preparing statistics. Many veterans have even used advanced logistics software during their time in the military.

However, the transition into the civilian workforce can be difficult for veterans for many reasons, so it’s vital to build a network of support and community around our veterans to empower them to leverage their talents and thrive in their civilian roles.

Honoring our HEROES at Kenco

Leadership is essential to success in any industry, and veterans bring a high-quality level of leadership to any role they tackle. At Kenco, we identified a need to help veterans transition into the civilian workforce and bring out those leadership qualities to their highest potential.

To focus our efforts on recruiting and supporting veterans at Kenco, we created the employee resource group called HEROES (Honor, Empower, Resource, Outreach, Engagement, Service). HEROES was founded in 2021 alongside the women’s and multicultural ERGs as part of a larger company-wide diversity initiative.

HEROES works closely with Kenco’s talent acquisition team on its veteran recruiting efforts, leveraging current veteran employees to meet with prospective candidates and answer questions, provide resources, and keep a finger on the pulse of veterans’ needs in the workplace. Having transitioned into the civilian workforce themselves, our Kenco representatives can recognize relevant experience that a candidate might not have originally included on his or her resume, and that a non-military recruiter might have missed. Our goal is to empower veterans to empower themselves in this next chapter.

Additionally, HEROES is committed to expanding our local community outreach and building out a mentorship program to work with veterans on a one-to-one basis to assist with the transition and further professional development. HEROES also hosts company-wide meetings with guest speakers from a range of organizations that discuss different aspects of military life. This month, we plan to shed a spotlight on military spouses.

Kenco is also investing in innovative technological solutions that empower our veterans. Phantom Auto remotely controlled forklifts provide just one example of solutions that help recruit and support veterans. Phantom’s interoperable software enables forklifts, tuggers, robots, trucks, and more to be remotely operated by trained operators sitting up to thousands of miles away. For Kenco and other employers, this not only removes geographic restrictions to hiring, but also enables organizations to add greater diversity to their workforce, employing individuals with mobility issues who might otherwise not be considered for driving positions. This includes injured veterans or those dealing with PTSD.

Thank you, military community!

To our own 160+ Kenco veterans, we appreciate your service, sacrifices, and the invaluable skills and leadership you bring to the supply chain every day. We look forward to expanding our HEROES initiatives to further recruit, support, and build connections within our veteran community.

This month, we’re highlighting the stories and service of some of our veteran team members. To check out our employee spotlights, visit Kenco’s LinkedIn page.


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