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Malton GO Station: Permanent bus loop reopens, affecting Brampton Transit, GO and MiWay services

[Metrolinx](http://www.metrolinx.com/) continues the project to improve communication and safety features and create additional connections at ** Malton GO Station **, as part of the ** GO Expansion Program **.

As of Monday, ** November 29 **, [GO Transit](http://www.gotransit.com/) Reopens the station’s regular bus loop, and improves service for bus passengers along a number of routes. + [Brampton Transit](https://www.brampton.ca/en/residents/transit/Pages/Home.aspx):> + 505 ** Züm Bovaird **. + GO Transit:> + 31 ** Gelph / Georgetown / Toronto **; > + 38 ** Bolton / Misuga **. + [MiWay](https://www.mississauga.ca/miway-transit/)> + 30 ** Rexdale **. The crews completed the installation of the underground toilets and the repair of the glass in the eastern tunnel. The stairs in the western tunnel that connect to platform 2 (northern platform) are closed for ongoing construction to upgrade the platform. Use the elevator in the west tunnel to get to platform 2 and from there. GO reopens the stairs in the eastern tunnel that connects to platform 2. It also closes about 100 parking spaces in the northern parking lot to provide space for storing building materials. GO says, “There’s still a lot of parking available for you.” It is also reopening the previously closed closed parking spaces.

^ * Click to enlarge. * “Already” Monday, ** November 22 **, [GO Transit](http://www.gotransit.com/) Contractors have begun ** upgrading the west side of the North Platform ** to install tactile yellow safety tiles and digital signs. GO has already ** closed the west side of the south platform ** to install the tiles and signs. The work area affects how you get on or off the train at the station. ** Travel from Malton GO station **: + Look for signs with information that will guide you where to stand and remember to spread out along the east side of the docks. Keep in mind that the western sides of the north and south docks are closed during construction. + The accessible ramp remains available for those who need to board the accessible coach. ** Travel towards Malton GO station **: + Listen to messages on your train, as some trains will not open all the doors in Malton. + The accessible ramp will still be available for those who need to get off the accessible trainer. + Refer to the boarding guide below before your trip.

Boarding Guide, Malton GO, November 15, English.JPG

Metrolinx prepares the GO expansion station by: + adding yellow tactile safety tiles at the end of the train platforms to remind you how far back to stand; + Installation of new digital signs on the train platforms; + Expansion of the island wharf to allow trains to stop on the north side; And + change the accessible platform so that it works on both sides.

Metrolinx and GO plan to accommodate more passengers and increase service [along the Kitchener line](http://www.metrolinx.com/en/greaterregion/projects/kitchener-go-expansion.aspx), as part of their [GO Expansion Program](http://www.metrolinx.com/en/greaterregion/projects/go-expansion.aspx) (formerly “[regional express rail](/archives/weblog/2014/04/17-ontario_go.shtml) “).


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