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Logistics services to and from Denmark with Forto

LEGO, lamps and licorice. Denmark’s brands and products are in high demand among consumers. Danish furniture design, textiles and household goods based on the “hygge” concept (= coziness, Danish attitude to life) have been enjoying increasing popularity for years.

However, the most important export goods – in terms of sales – are other categories of goods. Among Denmark’s most important export goods are pharmaceutical products. Packaged pharmaceuticals account for the lion’s share. Mechanical engineering – including computers and medical equipment – is another important market. The country also has a large amount of agricultural land. The products from this (above all pork and dairy products) are exported to a large extent to the EU, but also to Asia. Denmark’s geographic location also allows it to produce oil and natural gas. However, production volumes are declining. Since the transformation of energy systems towards more renewable energy in many European countries, wind turbine technology is the biggest “export hit”. The main customer for this is Germany.

Denmark’s most important import goods are predominantly machinery (22 percent of total imports), electronic equipment, chemical products, cars, food and beverages, fuels and raw materials, and lubricants.


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