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We just posted the best hikes on the East Coast and thought it was only fair to talk now about the best East Road hikes. For generations, the term “road trip” has been ingrained in the imagination of North America. Packing the car with your favorite tunes, snacks and comfortable clothes and setting out on the open road is something people look forward to all year long. Some people fondly remember that they set out with their family when they were young, while others may remember their license in their youth, gathering their friends and traveling to explore the world. No matter how you get the idea of ​​the “Road Trip”, the fun of exploring a new route and seeing new things is what makes the trip fun.

While the west coast has beaches and mountains, the east coast of the United States is without a doubt one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. Explore the cities of the Northeast, the changing colors of the leaves in the fall, or the resorts of the Atlantic coast in the summer. The leading ideas for a trip to the East Coast.

From Boston to Acadia, Maine

At the fastest pace, this route takes about five hours and stretches over 250 miles. But that’s conditional on whether you stop or now, and since you’re passing through one of America’s most historic cities, chances are you’re hanging out in Boston for a while. Start your adventure in Boston and look at the sights of the city. If you are looking for a cheap hike, Boston has plenty of free tours and self-guided treks like the Freedom Trail that will guide you through Boston’s 16 most important historical sites. Tour museums and indulge in some art and culture or better yet, tour iconic little Italy and indulge in cannoli. Have a picnic in the Boston Commons or watch the waterfront and get some legendary oyster stew.

As you drive north from Boston, you will eventually pass through some amazing places like the Mystic River, a number of historic buildings and lighthouses. The road continues through historic Salem, Portsmouth, New Hampshire and finally Maine. Once in Maine, you will pass Portland, Augusta and the Harbor Bar. Portland is a great little town to spend a day or two exploring and spending time near the beach until you are ready to go to Acadia National Park, where you can surround yourself with the beauty of the New England Forest.

From New York to Newport

The road from Manhattan to Newport, Rhode Island includes the thrill and excitement of spending some time in the big city followed by taking the road and enjoying the tranquility and tranquility of Newport. Starting your adventure in New York, there is a clear abundance of things to do in the city. You probably do not need a guide to tell you to pick up a bagel, take a walk in Central Park, check out the MoMA and go shopping in Brooklyn. Since this is a road trip, once you are in New York, you have to actually give up the whole driving thing altogether because New York City is notorious for being horrible to drive.

Once you are ready to hit the road, head north on FDR Drive and look at the East River sights toward the Robert P. Bridge. Kennedy over the Harlem River. The highway passes northeast and into Westchester County, where you can enjoy less urban views and a more lush green landscape. Along the way, you will pass through Long Island along the shoreline and into Connecticut and New Haven. If you’re looking for a pit stop on the way, check out the area at Yale University. Continue on Highway 95 and onto Rhode Island off Route 138. Once in Newport, take it easy and enjoy nights at the beach, the three-mile cliff track, delicious fresh seafood, and the stunning old beaches that dot the beach.

Miami to Key West

The amazing hikes along the east coast are not just pushed to the northeast! For people looking for a short hike along some of the most beautiful blue waters in the U.S., check out the Miami to Key West route. The hike begins in Miami is about a four-hour drive along stunning beach scenes and several coral and limestone islands. The key to Keys is Florida Highway, 128 kilometers long where you can admire the beach and water views.There are some interesting points of interest along the way where you can swim, kayak or just admire the view.The conch reef in the tavern has a conservation area full of coral reefs of tropical fish that allow shallow snorkeling.

Once you reach the Seven Mile Bridge, you will truly feel like you are in a magical place. Riding along the narrow and long bridge will make you feel like you are gliding along the water. Once you hit Key West, you will feel like you are in a completely different place. Stroll along the beaches and work on your tan. Admire the sunsets over the water or enjoy a few slices of pie ke lime.

Still be aware. Key West can be fun, but too crowded with tourists. Many times the best part is the trip itself. And if there is an accident on a 7 mile bridge, it could ruin another great road adventure.

Key West can be fun, but many times crowded and a hike on your road can be ruined by accident on a 7 mile bridge.

Washington DC to the North Carolina coast

DC has a lot to see. The capital of the country is definitely packed with some of the best museums, restaurants and hotels that you can easily spend a few days here in everything. The trip from Washington DC to the North Carolina coast is another trip that also offers a bit of the city and culture and ends in nature and tranquility. After spending enough time exploring the streets and hotspot of Washington, head south on Highway 395. The hike is about 280 miles south and offers a very picturesque 6-hour drive.

Traveling south from DC you will pass the Jefferson Monument and then continue over the Potomac and into Virginia. Traveling through Virginia will be a pleasure as you pass small towns and places of interest like Fredericksburg and cross the Rappahannock River. Take Route 17 and eventually cross the York and James Rivers and then Route 168 to North Carolina. The highway meets with road 158 and from there the narrow road leads into a peninsula and you will reach the final destination in Nags Head. Spend time along the sand dunes, go swimming in the sea or check out the old and beautiful lighthouses along the coast. Book accommodation overlooking the water and wake up in the morning to the sounds of seabirds and waves hitting the shore.

Wilmington to Savannah

Get a little taste of the South or make it part of the Great Road Trip experience by extending your trip from DC. Spend a few days visiting the cool and historic city of Wilmington. The mile-long Riverwalk is a great place to spend a romantic afternoon or evening visiting bars and restaurants followed by a horse-drawn carriage ride in the Old Quarter. If this is not for you, Wilmington also has some pretty good beaches.

When it comes time to head out to Savannah, there are a number of options you can take. The fastest will be on Highway 95 and run about five hours and 300 miles, but the more scenic road on Route 17 will make you pass through some small and magical towns and picturesque landscapes. Stop and have a snack or picnic on the beach before heading west. Cross the Cape Fear River and drive in for a while before heading back to the Atlantic coast for most of the trip there. The Outer Banks area is a perfect summer stop with its beaches and seaside towns, or keep traveling south and stop near the beautiful and popular Myrtle Beach. If beach is not your thing, continuing to historic Charleston is an option. From there another two hours until you reach Savannah. Savannah is a distinctly southern city with lots of old world charm you will love. Amazing and green public squares, plenty of parks and walking along the riverbank make it a great little place to spend a few days.


Savannah is one of those great American cities. Take a break to explore this jewel.

Cape Code

For people looking to go on shorter trips, there is almost no scenic spot like the beautiful Cape Cod Peninsula. On the way to the area via Route 6 in the US, a Cape Cod tour is one you can do with the family and one that adults will love as well.

The small towns on the beach are the true charm of New England Beach and places like New Bedford and Paul River offer the quaint seaside charm that the area is known for. Provincetown is a little more indulgent, and the nearby Truro vineyards are a must-see site for wine lovers and gin lovers, as they distill their liquor made from juniper berries that grow locally. When it comes to eating, the name of the game here is seafood. Do not hesitate to stew New England oysters or lobster rolls.

The ultimate east coast

If you have some time on your hands to explore all the biggest hotspots on the East Coast, why not spend half a month on the ultimate trek. Starting from Maine at the edge of the beach in Portland and stretching all the way to the Florida Keys, you will see everything. The biggest cities, the dense colorful forests, the beaches, the mountains and finally the beaches. The trip lasts about two to three weeks, but all this can be changed as needed if you want to take more or less time.

Start your journey in Portland, Maine, and check out one of the oldest cities in the area. Enjoy the legendary old harbor square and get all the history along with rugged cliffs on the beach, portable lighthouses and all the maritime culture that Maine has to offer. Then, on the way down to Salem, Massachusetts, you can take a step back in time and check out the infamous Witch’s House followed by a day or two in Boston which is a short drive away.

If a day out in Boston was not enough of a big city atmosphere for you, your next stop is the Big Apple. While you can spend days and weeks in New York and still not see everything, your best bet is to spend a day or two and plan a visit to a museum, eating cheap food, and maybe some shopping. For those looking to extend your trip, Brother Love City could be your next stop. Admire the cobbled streets of old Philadelphia, grab a cheesecake, and maybe even climb up the stairs in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and have your own rocking moment.

Baltimore Washington DC Are the following stations to the south. Enjoy music and food in Maryland or check out Washington Museums and tourist attractions like the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian. Descending further south towards Carolina, you can be sure to enjoy a day in Charlotte or soak up some southern charm in old Charlestown. Leaving there, stop in Savannah, Georgia for even more southern hospitality before the final stage of the Florida tour.

If you’ve traveling with the family, you may want to go to Disney or Universal Studios (we are not big Disney fans) or tour the Everglades. If beaches and sunbathing are more your style, you can end your trek in Miami and enjoy South Beach, or go even further into the Florida Keys, where fishing, sunbathing and rum cocktails await.

Our last word

We have researched over 60 countries in the world, but for me there is nothing like a road trip. I try to get in the car as often as possible and get out. Whether it’s just a few hours away or around the country, I really like it. While pulling a parking lot, we traveled more than 7,000 miles in one trip. It was amazing. There are endless adventures and secrets on the way. And I want to get to know everyone.


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