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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Latest Yarmouth Arrival In Service


Peace and warm greetings To the East Norfolk Bus Graham Blog And Roy. Thank you for visiting us.

Currently, this is the eleventh year, the blog focuses mainly on bus activity within the East Norfolk / East Suffolk coastal strip, centered on the towns of Great Yarmouth and Loustoft.

There are often reports of frequent visits to other parts of the UK and abroad as well.

Following the recent announcements of COVID-19 regarding restrictions on public traffic due to locks, we try to provide as good a service as possible with the limited number of reports received. However, these continue to be added in posts that look back to the past that have proven to be popular.

With traffic restrictions Gradually, we hope to return to almost normal service as soon as possible.

You can still contact us via email, Twitter, Facebook and Messenger. So please submit your reports and photos.

Most important – please stay safe !!

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