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Kura offers free trial to schools

Transportation technology expert Kura has announced a program to offer schools free trials of transportation technology to its schools. The company’s 90-day no-obligation experience includes the full suite of vehicle tracking, maintenance and route management technologies, and experience users have access to a dedicated customer success manager who will guide them through the initial stage and ensure they achieve their goals.

The company said its free trial offer was designed to help school management teams get proof of impact before making important investment decisions, following a study that reveals how Covid-19 delayed vital investment programs for one in eight schools across the country.
By opening up access to schools to implement transportation innovations, Cora says it removes the barriers between crowded school budgets and the ability of schools to offer a first-class shuttle service, resulting in helping parents incentivize their child’s travel needs. School, opening new areas and reducing school congestion and emissions.

Participating schools will be able to use Kura’s registration software to track who rides the bus each day, with contact tracking functionality included. In the meantime, parents will be able to see when their children are coming to school and home, and that they are traveling with pre-approved passengers, which ensures student safety.

Through the program, Kura’s goal is to remove thousands of cars from the road and around school gates daily, improving student safety while significantly reducing the schools’ collective carbon footprint. The company said that if 10 schools sign up for the trial, it could equate to saving an average of 50,000 kilograms of CO2, by choosing students and parents on shared school transport, as opposed to low-occupancy cars. He added that each 49-seat bus removes 31 cars from the road On average, which results in thousands of guided car rides gradually discontinued in favor of greener alternatives.

While data quoted by Kura show that almost a third of school principals believe that the level of traffic around their schools every day poses a safety risk, and 22% are concerned about the level of toxic fumes around their school, actions to reduce this have been limited. , When only about one-fifth of schools have invested in technology to improve their school transport supply in the last decade. However, further investigation reveals that Covid-19 significantly disrupted investment, with 12.8% of schools reporting that Covid-19 discontinued investment plans.

Godfrey Ryan, CEO of Kura, said: “We are completely confident in the ability of our software to provide value to schools, but we are also aware of the difficulties that Covid-19 has placed in their budgets. This free trial means that school leaders have the opportunity to test the full features of the product without any obligation. What’s more, and in light of recent global conversations around the environment and sustainability, we hope the trials will also re-emerge the demand for more children to use shared transportation to reduce the number of cars on the road and thus reduce pollution levels. Since launching our software solution alone last year, Kura now transports over 15,000 students every day across more than 30 schools and MATs. We and our existing customers know the power of the software and the benefits it provides, so we are confident that schools will stay with us. “

Launched in 2019, Kura believes its transportation technology to schools has ‘revolutionized’ school-based travel by making shared, school-run transport a safer, greener and more efficient alternative to the current daily school run, removing thousands of car journeys. The roads every day. In late 2020, Kura launched a technology-only offering to provide a more tailored and scalable solution that would better suit a school’s changing budgets.

Kura strives to enable smarter, safer and greener travel for all schools and businesses. KURA


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