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Kicking off a new year of Tauck travel

For over 25 years, our Tauck Director seminars have been a foundation of connection with our amazing staff of Tauck Directors (TDs). Vice President, Tauck Director Operations Kristen Mack (above, second from left, pictured with the TD Operations Team) shares her personal reflections on these annual events, and their unique purpose for the upcoming travel season:

We hold our annual TD seminars in February when the greatest number of our TDs are available to attend. Over 300 strong, our TDs reside in 41 different countries, speak 52 different languages ​​and bring with them very unique and interesting backgrounds. With such a global and diverse staff, our TD seminars are our one opportunity each year to gather in person to connect, share and get energized for the season ahead.

2023 marks the 25th anniversary of our TD seminar. To celebrate this milestone, we traveled to Morocco, where the warm springtime weather and welcoming atmosphere set the stage for our long-awaited reunion; we had not been able to gather together as a group for three years since the start of the pandemic and here we had the opportunity to reconnect in a memorable and meaningful way.

Three hundred of us attended this event, including more than 200 Tauck Directors and over 70 Tauck office staff, members of the Tauck Family and our Board of Directors, representing 4,000+ years of collective service to our guests. Six of our TDs celebrated their 40+ year tenure with us and 65 new TDs joined us for their first ever TD seminar. It was like one big, incredibly joyful family reunion!

The positive energy and gratitude that comes from being together, along with the optimism for what lies ahead, will stay with us for many months to come. From our company updates, workshops and roundtables to our main social events and informal gatherings, our time in Morocco re-charged our batteries and reminded us of the happiness our mission brings. We experienced feelings of pure joy, gratitude and a real sense of accomplishment in navigating through the past three very difficult years. Those same feelings extend to our time out on the road leading trips.

Our ability to share our love of travel with our guests is part of who we are; it allows us to be the best version of ourselves and to share that with the world. Our TD seminar serves another important purpose as well, the unofficial kick-off to a new year of Tauck travel. Buoyed by the excitement and enthusiasm that permeated our gathering, our TDs stand ready to hit the ground running as they prepare to welcome tens of thousands of guests to the trip of their dreams. We’ve road tested, fine-tuned and filled our journeys with our signature sightseeing, exclusive access and unique experiences, but it is our TDs who are the true dreammakers.

2023… here we come!

With Gratitude,

Kristen Mack
Vice President, Tauck Director Operations


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