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Saturday, August 13, 2022

It’s Our Annual December Donation Drive (Hint, Streetsblog Needs Your Help) – Streetsblog USA

This is our annual fundraising campaign for December.  Please give from the heart (and wallet!) By clicking here.  Thanks.
This is our annual fundraising campaign for December. Please give from the heart (and wallet!) At a click Here. Thanks.

As we advance to December and begin the 2022 snowy trail, we take a moment to reflect on the past year on Streetsblog and all we did this year – and all You have Done.

We admire the tireless work of all the attorneys who have done amazing things this year to erode the grip of car dependency on their communities, and fight against all the death, destruction, inequality and more subtle damages that come with it. We are angry at leaders who failed to answer these calls, and thank everyone who did.

And we have to admit … we’re a little tired too.

Every year, Streetsblog USA brings you hundreds of stories that have cut the noise to provide the latest kind of analysis needed by supporters to put the claim to a better transportation future – and along the way, we also get a lot of NoSupport, and help them see our streets differently. And while you may not realize it, much of the day-to-day work of doing it all comes down to a small but formidable team of only three people – two of whom also juggle roles on our sister site, Streetsblog NYC.

Do not get us wrong: we got a lot of help with this monumental mission, especially from readers like you. You send us tips and articles and feedback and – yes – Gifts That we trust her deeply every day. We also had the privilege of sharing with our colleagues on Streetsblog, California, Denver, Chicago, Massachusetts, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as a deep list of guest posts and independent submissions from smart people far beyond Streetsblogiverse.

But next year, we’ll be very happy to grow even more.

You may notice something a little different at the top of Streetsblog’s stories this month: a contribution button. And if you use it to make a gift, it will help us and everyone under the umbrella of our amazing parent company, Plans are open, To support more that you are in a world free of car dominance (which is tax deductible!).

  • We want to bring you more stories that decipher a complex federal policy and help you figure out exactly when to call your legislators, such as our ongoing coverage of infrastructure week Year – and when to fight for repairs on obscure but extremely dangerous guides to road planning like the MUTCD (which we were among the first points to eliminate mysticism).
  • We give you even harder scientific evidence on the best way to get out of the climate crisis, including why getting people out of cars and into greener situations like cycling, walking and transportation is so essential, even if those cars are powered by batteries – and we’ll translate that. To the language of the laymen that anyone can understand and get excited about.
  • We will fight for an end to the crisis of violence in the national movement, which we covered when he climbed to his peak in decades this year, even when the lock commands of Cubid-19 eased and drivers returned to the road. And we will continue to report road accidents as they should be reported: out of a sense of respect for the victims, examining the systemic roots of any collision and urgency for real change. (And in 2021, some of these accidents were particularly horrific.)
  • We will be pushed even harder into a world where justice in mobility is not just a buzzword, and where people who are marginalized because of their race, gender, disability, income level or for any other reason have full access to a sustainable universe. Transportation options they need.
  • And sometimes, we’ll even make you laugh with silly competition for sorry bus stops or toxic car ads.

We’re putting some more of our biggest hits from 2021 down. If any of them inspire you Give: Thanks.

And if there is a story we are No Reporting this will make you proud to be a Streetsblog contributor, you know where to find us (click here!). so To give from the heart.

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Thank you all.


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