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Issue 254 of Passenger Transport

Issue 254 of Passenger Transportation is published on November 26th.
Content includes:

A leading story

Ministers remove TfN from responsibility to NPR
In a move titled “Inconsistent with Government Delegation Agenda”, transportation to the north will no longer be paid for the development of East-West links


Anger as the government shifts HS2’s eastern leg
The government cancels plans to take HS2 to Leeds for now, but promises investment in local transport and upgrades to existing main lines instead

ORR calls for improved Covid performance
The regulator presses Network Rail for further action

TfL warns of the influence of 1970s-style cuts
TfL now plans to budget on a ‘managed decline’ basis

Concessions “will ensure that the bus staff receives a good salary”
Following a series of strikes, the Welsh government says bus franchises will maintain workers’ wages and conditions. Rodry Clark reports

The Independent pulls the plug on Hereford
Rising fuel costs and lack of support are causing Yeomans to run an ax

Prizes place Cubid’s response in the spotlight
Joint awards praise the sector for doing above and beyond

around the

Employees are looking for green travel options
But only 64% of companies have a clear policy to reduce the impact of travel

UITP submits application COP26
“It’s time to be clear: rail and public transport are the fastest way to reach decarbonisation”

Innovation and technology

Pilot TfW and CitySwift streamline buses
Partners embark on a bus-driven artificial intelligence strategy to optimize public transport services in Wales through data and machine learning

New attire is revealed as CAVForth approaches
An autonomous bus trial is set to go live in Scotland next year


Norman Baker: How Boris scored an own goal of £ 96 billion
Unveiled last week, “the largest public investment ever in the UK rail network” has been determined to be almost universal. So what went wrong?

John Nelson: Northern residents will not forget an IRP horseshoe turn
The response in the North to the government’s integrated railway plan could never have been positive given previous promises

Alex Warner: Reid’s career offers us lessons for today
With the transition of our industry back to a more centralized array, George Muir’s book on Sir Robert Reid is an essential reading

Nick Richardson: Transportation policy can not go either way
Despite positive noises from both the recent climate summit of COP26 and the government, we still can not commit to change

Grand Minister grumbles: ‘Biggles’ takes over general aviation
Our confidant at Whitehall imagines what is going on in the minds of the mandarins at the home of the Grand Minister, the home of the DfT


Roberts was elected president of the CPT for 2022
McGill’s CEO will take over the presidency


Operations Manager – Cardiff Bus

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