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How Tomas Tillberg Design is conquering Covid-19 challenges

Thomas Tilberg Design’s crew created the interior spaces for the restaurant on the upper deck of Aurora Expeditions’ new cruise ship, Sylvia Earl

There is no doubt that most of the industries and professions were affected by the plague in one way or another. Design companies have faced many unique challenges, most of which have taught us many lessons and ways to adapt our way of working.

For many businesses, the biggest challenge was moving to remote work. Fortunately, Tomas Tillberg Design already had some team members working remotely from different places before the plague, so we did not have to move them all when the plague started. However, we needed to find new ways to keep the design team connected and ensure we could balance our personal and professional lives while working from home.

To do this, organize weekly meetings to share updates and make sure everyone stays on task and meets personal schedules. Video calls and virtual meetings have become the team’s main method of collaborating and sharing ideas. In addition, we began to use adaptations as a central part of our design process, and not just as a way to present final designs as we have done in the past. These adaptations enabled both our design team and our clients to understand the direction of the design along the timeline of the project.

The transition to virtual communication has been challenging, especially since we have not been able to touch, see and feel materials in person, or meet face-to-face clients. Instead, we used technology to create visual presentations to convey the information needed to customers. Project management and site visits also changed because project inspections failed to take place. Usually, we had to test furniture that was built in a virtual way or using pictures, which is difficult.

Despite the challenges, our team adapted to the changes and was able to do everything remotely while remaining flexible, ingenious and creative. With the support of our suppliers and design members, we have continued to grow and develop innovative designs throughout the epidemic. Now that the world is changing day by day, we will continue to take the lessons we have learned and turn them into valuable assets that will improve the way our team works to ensure we meet every deadline, exceed customer expectations and stay on the industry front.

Thomas Tillberg is a managing partner at Tomas Tillberg Design

This article was first published in the Fall / Winter issue of Cruise & Ferry Review. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may have changed since then.

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