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How to Fast Track Your Australian Permanent Residence on a Student Visa

The Fast Track to Permanent Residence, and It’s All Legal!

An international student can apply for a student visa as long as they are enrolled in a full-time course registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) in their field of study.

Once a student visa has been issued and the international student arrives in Australia, they are able to change to a course of study that puts them on a fast track to permanent residence such as commercial cookery, hairdressing, motor mechanics and other trades etc. These courses offer one of the fastest and cheapest pathways to permanent residency.

Many may question, why not just apply for these fast track to permanent residence courses in the first place? The reality is, if an international student is offshore and were to apply for a study visa based on wanting to study commercial cookery or any other course that could potentially fast track their permanent residence in Australia, their application would be denied. By being onshore, the student visa has already been granted and as long as the course is on CRICOS then there’s no issue and if there is, the applicant can take it to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal which could take time but now they’re in Australia so waiting is no issue. It’s all perfectly above board even if it may be considered unethical.

Why is it allowed to happen?

It’s no secret that this practice is occurring, and the Department of Home Affairs is well aware of it. There’s nothing wrong with someone wanting to come to Australia and study something that will provide a pathway to permanent residence, but the Department of Home Affairs has set up the rules so overseas students can only gain a student visa based on studying a course relevant to their previous area of ​​study. It leaves the process open to exploitation.

A parliamentary inquiry into international education began in April to evaluate the challenges and opportunities presented in this sector since the re-opening of Australia’s borders. Findings from the review of Australia’s Migration Program were also released in April.

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