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GO continuing to modify Lakeshore East service after fatal incident: December 1 update

*** Update ** – Thursday, ** December 2 **, 16:43, [here](/archives/weblog/2021/12/02-go_continu.shtml).

As a result [a fatal incident](https://t.co/3jslfF8yuJ) Saturday, ** November 27 ** near Pickering GO Station and Ontario ongoing [Ministry of Labour](https://www.ontario.ca/page/ministry-labour-training-skills-development) Investigation, starting Monday, ** November 29 **, [GO Transit](http://www.gotransit.com/) is [continuing](/archives/weblog/2021/11/29-go_modifyi.shtml) To change the service along the coastlines – maybe until ** tomorrow ** Thursday, ** 2 December **. GO provides passengers with a 30-minute service at all stations along line 09 ** to East East ** using train and bus services until approximately 19:00: + ** trains ** run ** between Union Station and Gildwood ** GO station and ** between Picking for Ushua ** GO stations. + GO shuttles ** buses ** run ** between Gildwood and Pickering ** to connect to the train service. GO says that while it recognizes that bus connections can extend travel time, it asks that it continue to use home stations because parking lots fill up quickly. Guildwood GO currently has a total parking capacity. To make the best use of limited resources and ensure that it can provide 30-minute service during peak periods, GO is changing the Lakeshore East line schedules to provide hourly service after 7pm in the coming days. Starting at 19:10 every day, ** service to the west ** along the line is hourly until the end of the day. Starting at 20:05, ** The service to the east ** is by the hour.

M e [Metrolinx News](https://blog.metrolinx.com/) Blog post, “Recent customer updates on Lakeshore East GO train disruptions after weekend incident”, [here](https://blog.metrolinx.com/2021/11/28/lakeshore-east-go-train-disruptions-after-incident-on-rail-line/): “New photos show how complicated these tasks can be , Because workers expect their mission to continue until next weekend. “The work requires dozens of people and includes repairing at least two train vehicles that overturned on Saturday night. “When the leveling occurs, experts create a removal zone to ensure everyone stays safe. This is an area around the lifting operation where people are not included, except for the ‘warehouses’ – experts who set up the lines – and machine operators.

^ * Teams are working to clear the scene of the incident on Wednesday, December 1st. Image, Metrolinx * “This is why crew members can be seen standing away from the train truck.” The operation itself also includes many Metrolinx crews as experts from the contractor. “Experts for the contractor have developed a ‘work methodology plan’ to describe how the tasks are performed. Part of this effort is risk assessment, with controls activated to keep everyone safe. The exclusion zone is an example of one of these controls” The contractor performed this work because they are one of the staff The rescue of the most talented trains in the country. “They are doing so against the backdrop of the loss of a crew member during the incident on November 27.” Last night (November 30), the diggers lifted and re-stowed the rail truck – which weighs over 61,000 pounds. The load car was lifted this morning (December 1). ”

Lakeshore East reparations 2.jpg

^ * Train crew members look at the scene in this photo taken at night. Photo, Metrolinx *


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