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FRA, FTA Representatives Visit Testing of Caltrain’s All-New Stadler Multilevel EMU Trainsets – Rail

Caltraine provides passenger train service along the San Francisco Peninsula, via the South Bay to San Jose and Gilroy

Photo: Caltrain

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced representatives from the Federal Rail Administration (FRA), the Federal Transport Administration (FTA), Caltrain and Stadler The U.S. recently visited the FRA Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, Colorado to share a ride on Catherine’s latest trains. Discuss the potential significance of the California project.

The electric train injections to transit services in California are in the final stages of testing with TTCI, a partner in the transportation industry and a subsidiary of the American Railways Association.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Deputy Attorney General, John Putnam, joined Cindy Travilger, FTA Regional Director Area 8, Michelle Bouchard, Caltrain Acting Director, Martin Ritter, Stadler US CEO, Carrie Gonzalez, CEO and President of TTCI, and people Other professions in the industry. On board the new trains on November 5th.

Kaltrain and Stadler followed the test drive with a presentation and discussion of the project’s technology, the benefits of its local production and implications for the industry.

Caltrane’s new rail systems will serve as the base for California’s electrified railroad tracks.

Additional train kits are now assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah at Stadler’s U.S. manufacturing plant.

The accompanying electrification lays the foundation for Caltrane’s 2040 service vision, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 110 tonnes daily, and triple 180,000 passengers every weekday.

“These new electric trains will bring a new standard of excellence to the Caltrain Corridor,” said Michelle Bouchard, CALTRINE’s Acting CEO. Features such as Wi-Fi, improved passenger information displays, additional storage and power sources in every seat, for the benefit of the communities we have been serving for decades. “



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