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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Ford’s All-Electric E-Transit Design to E-Deliver

A visit to Kocaeli in Turkey provided the exclusive opportunity to watch and hear more about Ford’s new E-Transit commercial vehicle that will provide businesses with a new standard for productivity, value and an emission-free ownership experience when it comes to the next market. sleep. First driving in pre-production models was also provided.

The Ford E-Transit is designed to provide a wide range of use cases to customers, with a usable battery capacity of 68 kW as standard, providing the best focused driving range in the category of up to 317 km WLTP. True Transit capability is provided by the powerful engine offering 430 nm torque (with a choice of 135 kilowatts or a maximum power of 198 kilowatts), loads of up to 1,758 kg in the panel van model, and a comprehensive range of 25 versions with a van, a team of cabin and chassis body styles with multiple lengths and roof heights and -GVM from 3.5 to 4.25 tons.

For maximum on-site productivity, operators can specify export power using the unique ProPower Onboard feature, which provides up to 2.3 kilowatts of standard plug sockets in the cab and charging area, to power tools, lights, laptops and conversions such as cooling units.

Following punishment Global testing And the development program, E-Transit, is underway a Experimental program With customer partners across Europe to demonstrate the productivity benefits of electrified commercial vehicles and help refine the operator experience ahead of the first ETransit customer shipments in spring 2022.

Car charging is a critical component for businesses adopting electric vehicles, and Ford provides a comprehensive package to support customers in their needs for warehouse, home and public charging. The E-Transit can be charged from 15 percent to 80 percent in 34 minutes from a fast charger of 115 kilowatts DC. A full charge overnight from a Ford Wallbox with a three-phase AC supply of 230 volts 16A lasts a little over 8 hours.

E-Transit is offered in two series – Base and Trend – and all vehicles offer significantly higher levels of equipment than the corresponding diesel model.

E-Transit introduces the new SYNC 4 communication and information system to Ford’s range of commercial vehicles in Europe, offering dual computing power from SYNC 3 and controlled with an easy-to-use 12-inch touchscreen.

New driver assistance systems that help minimize repair costs include reverse braking assistance, Which uses a camera and sensors to detect pedestrians, cyclists and static obstacles in reverse and can provide a warning before an automatic stop of the vehicle if the driver does not respond. Drivers also enjoy a new 360 camera, which offers a bird’s-eye view of the ETransit environment on the 12-inch dashboard screen to help avoid obstacles when maneuvering in narrow spaces with limited visibility.

Ford offers a one-year service limit, unlimited mileage, class-leading and eight-year warranty, 160,000 miles for all high-voltage electrical components, as well as an annual electric vehicle assistance package, including a rescue charge. The pan-European service network is ready EV with 1,500 certified car dealers across Europe, and over 4,500 licensed repairs all of which will have a launch service capability.

As expected the driving experience was seamless and smooth, with each of the three driving modes trying to feel the power of the battery pack’s regeneration. Surprisingly, even though it is electric, it still has the driving feel typical of Ford.

More details in the next issue of Fleet Van & Utility.


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