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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Electric Boogaloo – Streetsblog USA

Vice President Kamala Harris is presumably Tsar EV now, appearing in Maryland to run the administration’s plans for 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations. (AP News Agency)

Streetsblog is not the only one who imprints in TIME in the name of Elon Tractate as Man of the Year. Jelopnik, The guardian, Late-night comedians (This week) And even his ex-partner (people) Also joined the party.

Lack of reliable passage prevents students from graduating from college. (Washington Post)

A number of Uber transgender drivers say they were blocked from using the app after switching. (The LGBT nation)

It is possible that Mayor Michelle Wu’s plan to use Boston’s COVID to make transportation free under federal regulations (Commonwealth). Meanwhile, toll-free transportation is making a dent in Ottawa (CBC).

Exceeding costs in Honolulu’s light rail project may mean that the line will have to be shortened. (thirdBeat evil)

The BRT line of twin cities cleared another federal barrier. (Pioneer Publishing)

Tampa’s tram will start running only next year, but city leaders are already considering expanding it (AZ Central). Atlanta is considering expanding the short and little-used tram line to entice riders other than tourists (Fox 5).

A DC suburb of Montgomery County, Maryland, has just opened new dedicated bus lanes. (WTOP)

Drivers hit two 9-year-old children within an hour of each other in Washington, DC (WUSA)

Two Savannah chairmen are pushing for a zero-vision commitment. (WJCL)

San Jose is approaching a record number of deaths from traffic this year. (spotlight)

Business owners are already shouting at the very idea of ​​a car-free corridor in Austin (CBS Austin) And Phoenix exotic bird shop owners say building a light rail will kill their business (Fox 10), Although it is possible Just rest.

As if it’s not horrible enough that humans kill hundreds of Florida sea cows with boat propellers every year, the contaminant runoff is starving them now. (Christian Science Monitor)


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