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Eglinton GO Station: West tunnel closed, starting November 29

[Metrolinx](http://www.metrolinx.com/) continues to work to improve ** Eglinton GO Station **, as part of the ** GO Expansion Program **.

[Since Thursday, **September 23**](/archives/weblog/2021/09/21-eglinton_g.shtml), [GO Transit](http://www.gotransit.com/) ** Improved Eglinton GO Station ** by improving communication and safety features and ** making the station fully accessible **. As part of this project, starting Monday, ** November 29 **, GO ** permanently closes the Western Tunnel ** while contractors build a new Western Tunnel. To access the northern platform from the southern parking lot, use the eastern tunnel on the southern platform. GO also ** closes the western access path from the southern parking lot **. The path leads to the southern platform. God [PRESTO](http://www.prestocard.ca/) Tariff payment devices in this access path are not available either. The southern platform remains accessible through the eastern access path from the southern parking lot. A new access path on the west side of the southern parking lot will open “in about two weeks” (meaning the path remains closed until ** December 13 **). GO is moving PRESTO’s rate payment devices to this new access path. PRESTO self-loading machines and ticket vending machines remained available near the station building on the north side of the station. To access the northern platform from the southern parking lot, use the eastern tunnel on the southern platform.

^ * Click to enlarge. *

Since September 23 ** the work area has blocked about 60 parking spaces in the southern parking lot **. GO moved accessible parking spaces to two spaces in the southern parking lot: directly in front of the new access path to the south platform on the west side and next to the access path to the east tunnel on the east side. GO says, “There is still ample parking at the station.” GO also ** moved the bike shelter ** a bit east in the south parking lot. On some weekends, construction continues overnight and MetroLinks may close one of the two GO railways. Metrolinx has planned this weekend closing to make sure passengers can use the Eglinton GO station as regularly as possible Monday through Friday, with many people relying on this station for their commutes to and from work.

** The project to upgrade the Eglinton GO station and fully access it ** includes: + installation of four elevators and new stairwells on the two side platforms; + Connection of elevators and stairwells to two pedestrian tunnels previously installed under the railway tracks; + Addition of mechanical and electrical rooms to new toilets in the tunnels; + Installation of mini-platforms to allow access and exit to accessibility coaches; + Installation of accessible runway canopies (from elevators to various platforms); + Installation of digital signage and tactile edge tiles on the platforms; + Construction of heat-track ramps to the northern platform on the western side and to the eastern tunnel on the eastern side; + Construction of a corridor north of the Eastern Tunnel with seating, automatic tariff purchase devices and digital signs; + Restoration of the passenger pick-up and drop-off area (or “kiss and ride”). + Transfer of shelters; + Expansion of stages; And + repair, if necessary, to improve platform space.


^ * Eglinton GO Station. The artist’s adaptation, the final designs are subject to change. Image, Metrolinx * These accessibility upgrades are ** the second phase of a two-phase project ** to provide full accessibility for passengers to the station building, the side docks, the parking lots in the north and south and the Kiss and Ride. When contractors complete the Eglinton GO Accessibility Upgrade Project, the station will be fully accessible and will comply with the * Accessibility Act for Disabled Persons, 2005 *. Accessibility upgrades at Eglinton GO Station support the 251,000 GO passengers on this station each year. Metrolinx expects to complete construction and offer passengers a fully accessible Eglinton GO station until “Summer 2024”, i.e. until ** September 30 ** **, 2024.


* GO adds accessible ramps without barriers and hiking trails with heat-track ramps for snowmelt at Eglinton GO station. The artist’s adaptation, the final designs are subject to change. Photo, Metrolinx *

Metrolinx and GO ** plan to accommodate more passengers and increase service ** [along the Lakeshore East line](http://www.metrolinx.com/en/greaterregion/projects/lakeshoreeast-go-expansion.aspx), as part of their **[GO Expansion Program](http://www.metrolinx.com/en/greaterregion/projects/go-expansion.aspx)** (Formerly “[regional express rail](/archives/weblog/2014/04/17-ontario_go.shtml) “).


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