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East Norfolk (and East Suffolk!) Bus Blog: All Aboard The Playbus

A rather humid morning in the town was illuminated by the sight of a very colorful decker floor parked near St. Nicholas Church.

East Anglian Play Bus Co. Founded by fellow friends and paramedics, Lee Marshall and Adam Wright, of Great Yarmouth, in July this year.

Complete with a ball pit, slide and sensory lighting if offering a different experience for children and soft play areas.

It has three separate levels and can accommodate up to 20 children at a time.

His presentation was delayed due to Cubid but after purchasing the right vehicle it was converted by a company in Liverpool.

Since its launch this summer, invitations have been rolling out to the mobile gaming bus at events, parties and private events.

The vehicle itself is LJ03MBY, a new Volvo B7TL / Wright Gemini at Arriva London as VLW 151. It then moved to Aintree Coach Lines before being purchased for conversion.

Many thanks to Lee Marshall for using his photos.



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