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Apply for Canada PR through British Columbia PNP {2022}

By Rajanish Kumar

Published on December 2, 2021

Public Relations in Canada through British Columbia PNP: Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations due to its immigrant-friendly policies and programs and diverse culture. The immigration system in Canada is common to both federal and provincial governments.

Being a diverse country, Canada’s federal and provincial governments operate various skilled labor streams designed to address the country’s diverse labor market and economic needs.

British Columbia’s PNP is also among one of the Canadian Provincial Candidate Programs operated by British Columbia. There are three routes through which you can To emigrate to British Columbia And become a permanent resident.

Each track has unique categories in which you can apply, based on your occupation, your skill level or student status abroad.

Popular BC PNP PR visa routes include:

  • Migration skills
  • Express entry BC
  • Immigration entrepreneur

Let’s take a look at the available categories of BC PNP.

Migration skills

This track is designed for semi-skilled and skilled workers, international graduates and health professionals with experience in high-demand professions in the province. A skills migration route can be an ideal option for a foreign worker who wants to To emigrate to British Columbia 2022 For a better quality of life and employment opportunities.

The following are migration skills categories:

  • C. Skilled worker
  • BC International after M.Sc.
  • BC is a professional in the field of health
  • Graduate of BC International
  • BC entry level and semi-skilled worker

As an interested candidate, you must register and submit an online application for district candidacy, while you must follow a paper-based application process for permanent residency.

British Columbia Express Entrance

This is a fast and ideal route for skilled workers who want to move permanently to British Columbia and have a valid express login profile. Apply for a district candidacy and Move to British Columbia Through this category.

But before registering, you must submit a Express entrance Profile with IRCC and meets the minimum eligibility criteria of each of the programs:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Federal Skills Professions Program
  • Canadian Experience Lesson

To be eligible, you do not need previous work experience in BC however, you must have the required skilled work experience and meet minimum education and language ability requirements.

The following are the Express Entry BC categories:

  • Skilled worker EE BC
  • EE BC International for a Master’s degree
  • EE BC Healthcare Professional
  • Graduate of EE BC International

Entrepreneur migration stream

This stream is for entrepreneurs who have a real intention Move to British Columbia Invest or actively run a business in the county. To be eligible, you must show enough proof that you have personal funds and investments.

Through Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot, entrepreneurs can move to British Columbia to start a new business and participate in regional communities.

The following are the migration stream categories for entrepreneurs:

  • Migration Entrepreneur – Basic Category
  • Immigration Entrepreneur – Regional Pilot
  • Strategic projects

To apply for public relations in Canada in 2022, start by discovering your immigration options to Canada. Fill out our free profile evaluation today, and one of our Visas Avenue staff will contact you to discuss the best options.

Alternatively, you can contact us for your questions or concerns directly at toll-free 78-18-000-777 and book a consultation with our Canada Immigration Advisor registered with the ICCRC, who can be your guide and advisor throughout the process.


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