Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit, CC
Image: Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit, CC

  • Riders are dripping back into the aisle, but there is no way to know if and when the amount of riders will fully recover, because during previous epidemics people could not work at home. (government)
  • One of the problems with switching to an electric vehicle is that all the necessary chargers will confuse the sidewalks. (Forbes)
  • EVs are also not enough on their own to solve the climate crisis. People need to get out of their cars completely. (Commonwealth)
  • More people than usual have chosen to travel to airports instead of traveling in transit during Thanksgiving, probably because of a ridiculous fear that COVID is spreading on buses and trains. (Washington Post)
  • What if artificial intelligence controls traffic and transportation like Spotify’s playlist? (slate)
  • The Philadelphia Transportation Agency is buying more diesel-electric hybrid buses and moving to a zero-emission fleet. (Why)
  • The gate to Tampa’s innovation district gets a bike and pedestrian – friendly makeover, but where should the bus lanes go? (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Aspen businesses are promoting a downtown program that removes parking and adds protected bike lanes. (Collector Times)
  • Dayton’s zoning board allows the city to demolish a 129-year-old building that was once the Wright Brothers’ bike shop. (AP News Agency)
  • Mexico has announced plans for a high-speed rail line between the state capital of Mexico Monterey and San Antonio, Texas. (BNamericas)
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson slams fast train plans in northern England, angering residents of Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. (City Lab)

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