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A look behind the new livery for NS by Studio Dumbar – Transport Designed

Since 1994, Nederlandse Spoorwegen ‘VIRM’ trains have been everywhere in every corner of the Netherlands.

Built between 1994 and 2009, VIRM’s iconic two-storey EMU systems (originally marked as ‘DD-IRM’ units) are a familiar sight as they gallop across the flat and well-known Dutch countryside in the equally famous yellow and blue intercity attire.

Well, actually there have been two VIRM Intercity shows so far (if not counting the one-off ‘OV chip card‘,’Green train‘And red’London 2012 by NSPromo trains). The original color scheme included yellow with blue stripes that went up to the top deck, while newer and recently refurbished units got a version of the attire with the blue stripe going down to the bottom deck instead.

Anyway – now, there’s a new kid in the neighborhood.

Studio Dumbar, a Rotterdam – based design studio founded by Gert Dumbar (who in turn designed the instantly recognizable NS logo), has created an entirely new identity for Intercity VIRM Series 2 and 3 units.

The new design features a striking and bold color separation between the blue and yellow colors, with a huge ‘Arrow’ logo of the NS sprayed on the body side. The dark gray roof, which had previously stretched down over the cabin windows and around the front of the train, disappeared, and was replaced by a smooth, curved blue and flowing upper section that stretches across the cabin.

The inner groups of the doors are selected in blue, while the outermost sets at each end of the train are yellow, with a blue border extending down from the storm.

Studio Dember says that the basis for the new design is the ‘flow’ of the train – inspired by the speed of the trains as they wind around the country. It’s also a wink to the so satisfying flow of this timeless and beautiful logo.

Studio Dember’s connection to NS began with Gert Dember, the influential Dutch designer of the very same logo. A painting and graphic design researcher at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, Dember founded the Dumber Studio in 1977, nine years after designing the NS logo alongside Gert-Jan Lublink at Tel Design.

How about the new look of NS VIRM kits? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet @transportdsn.


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